HELLLP, with a Gemini man breakup!!!

  • Hi everyone:

    I am new here 🙂 I am a Leo sun, Leo moon and aries rising....he is a Gem sun, moon aquarius, rising cancer...

    We've known eachother for a year, I love this man with all my heart. Distance separates us, a great distance. I tried three times to see him, the first, I couldn't go, family issues, second, was religious time for him and third, he is planning to go to another country to work, and told me to wait until he is more settled. He hasn't tried to see me.

    Last week, we had an awful, fight, he said I am not there for him, when I am willing to fly to see him anytime. We see each other on cam constantly... He said he is 'done'. He is also under a lot of pressure with his Dad, who basically treats him like crap. He feels like a failure at life. I am always there to help him. I have told him I will support him in any way I can.

    I have made him my life for the last year...he has come back in the past, after a few blowups. I am going through a divorce, and have 2 kids, he is single and 7 years my junior. I am getting my life in order, as is he...will he come back this time? I have been crying for days...he is amazing.

    The last thing he said to me was, "message me again and I will block you..." I was very emotionally needy with him, practically begging him to take me back...yeah, I know, big mistake..

    Yes, being a leo, I do get dramatic. He saw me crying via cam and said, he can't deal with my drama. I understand this totally, but I couldn't help myself...dammit...I guess I am just looking for some reassurance..if at all possible....

    A week after the breakup he sent me a video of a song, a beautiful song about breaking up and letting go...I have not responded at all this whole time. Its now been three weeks, and I am an emotional wreck. I love him, worry for him, want him to be happy, and I know I can make him happy... He has deleted me from facebook, he said as much when we fought, but has posted another video on youtube, which I know his account, and has still kept me on messenger...his status on messenger is this "deep within I am shaken by the violence of existing only for you"....

    I need HELLLPPP!!! please 😞

  • sorry, just to add....the fight we had, his words were so venomous and mean and cruel...they still ring in my mind to this day...I am pretty sure he was just acting out of anger...but wow!! it was awful...

  • should I say something to him? the advice I have been getting is to wait, no contact....but it has been torturous, and I want to know he is ok, I care and love him so much..

  • i dated 2 gemini men for 6 years each. my advice? Ignore him and disappear for a few weeks. he will learn his lesson as gemini men hate to be ignored above anything else. And hate not having communication. Ignore ignore ignore. good luck

  • that is such a hard pill to swallow...but, ok, thank you cancergirl79 🙂

  • Sweetie, there is more going on then you realize. If you came to me for help, I would would recommend that you do three things:

    1. Walk out of the door.

    2. Lock the door behind you.

    3. Run like hell!

    You have no idea how many times I have seen this senario. The physical and emotional abuse can take decades to heal. A broken soul can take a lifetime. Some never recover. They end up on a slab with a tag on a toe.

    Walking away is not failure. It is accepting the things we cannot change. I fear for you. With your permission I would like to light a candle on my Spirtual Altrer and ask the Mother Goddess to surround you with love and keep you safe. May I also invoke Devine Order on your behalf?

    R M

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  • It seems to me that Gemini's are putting us thur some things right now or their going thur some stuff. It sounds to me that everyone who's dealing with a Gem is having problems right now. I hate when they get in their other personality.

  • RM: you are scaring me...what do you mean physical abuse? What do you see going on, fill me in please! and what does invoking Divine order mean? sounds good to me 🙂 thank you

    news14ng: ok, thats what I am doing 🙂 thanks

    worthy1248: I do too! its a very nasty twin, and I am still reeling from the effects. something fishy is going on...:)

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  • First, calm down. I'm reading your post more like a psychologist than a psychic. He sounds like the kind of person who needs to dominate some one. He will promise you anything to keep you with him. His rage has been building for years.

    On the surface, it looks somewhat like the game, "Now I've got you you SOB". That is the actual diagnostic term for the game from the American Psychological Association. You need to do somethings for you, not for him. You don't seem to be aware that you have made a decision that you will do anything to keep him. That is called sacrifice and what you are sacrificing is your Self.

    You mentioned in your post that you're going through a divorce. That makes you extremely open to just this kind of situation. He knows it. Don't kid yourself. What he said he ment. He'll want to make amends but then, it will happen again, and again, and again.

    Think about why you're getting the divorce. Are you asking yourself, "What did I do wrong?". Have you learned the fine art of compromise? My husband is a Gemini. I am 15 years, six months and five days older than my husband and we don't go through what you seem to be facing. Every now and again during our eleven years together, one of us will push the wrong button. We give each other space, calm down, and when we are both reading we talk about what happened and reach a compromise, For us, it works.

    I recommend that you get an astrological compatability chart drawn up. This would let you know exactly what is happening. There could be some really tough aspects between the two of you. If you don't have all of his info, you can do such a chart through numerology. It has worked for me most of my life.

    This is not something that can be solved in a heart beat. Just remember, you are somebody because the Goddess doesn't make junk. You are worthy of love, respect, unlimited abundasnce, and all the joys of life.

    Divine Order is asking the Universe for help. You are asking the Highest and Best to take over the situation for you. Then, put it out of your mind. It's important to word it correctly. Like this:

    Blessed (insert name of your diety). I ask that you resolve the problem of (name the problem) for the highest good of all concerned.

    Then end the prayer like any other prayer. Just remember, if you find yourself thinking about it, you will need to invoke the Divine Order again.

    Love and blessings,


  • Thank you for you reply RM, it was very enlightening. I did do the numerology report, and I am a 9, which describes me to a T :), and he is a 1, very different...now I am even more confused to be honest.

    As for my divorce, that's a whole different can of worms! I have tortured myself with questions about it. I am and always will be willing to compromise.

    Gem calmed me right down, when I overreacted, and always made me feel better, more upbeat and positive about things. I put too much pressure on him, stifled his freedom and expected too much, and now I am paying the price.

    I am taking the time, now, to lift myself up, do things for me, find out more about myself. This is actually the first day I didn't break down spontaneously over Gem man. I realize now, that he needed space, but I pushed him. He is going through a lot, as am I. He was the pursuer, he initiated just about all our interactions, and I liked that. Something I have never experienced in my marriage. He is a strong, independent man, who speaks his mind, and we have a lot in common.

    What you mentioned about being dominated, yes, I do see that. I didn't see it in a bad way really, because I could deal with that. We have never met in person, which is all I really wanted, just to see how we would be in each others presence and not just on cam.

    Thank you for the great insight. I realize we would have alot to overcome, but I feel that he has given up on me and kinda discarded me. It hurts like hell, especially after all that we have been through. I have never felt like this about anyone. I am so willing to try again, and asked him as much, but he stated that he can't turn back time....I will continue to be as best a mom as I can for my kids, and better myself, and hopefully he will come back around...

  • and thank you for the prayer...I did that too 🙂

  • by the way,, I am a 3 and he is a 9....not a 1 and 9...

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