Where can I get a dream analyzed?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm just wondering where in this forum I could get a dream analyzed? I just woke up from a really odd one! lol

  • Please tell me your dream. Give as many details details as you can. It will help to use things such as elements. numbers, and colors.

    If you prefer, you can email me at

  • Yes, by all means, tell us your dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So there's this guy named Andrew, dob Sept. 12th, 1991, who I am romantically interested in. We are not together although I wish we were.

    In the dream we're both walking into a hospital building. I'm supporting him as we're quickly walking in and we ask the receptionist where the emergency wait would be. She points us to a chair that's a different look than the other chairs in the waiting room. I want to say that it had some silver color on it but I'm not completely sure. What happened (this is really odd so I'm sorry lol) was that he had woken up that morning and gotten an erection that gave him a lot of pain so I took him to the hospital. Soon he was called and the doctors worked on him and I was allowed to enter into the room to see him once they were finished.

    He was lying on the hospital bed with a breathing mask on. For some reason he had black bandages on the right side of his face (his right) as if they had done a quick surgery there to heal him (despite the fact that we had gone into the hospital because he had felt pain in his private area that morning when he woke up with an erection). My parents were there with us and my mother asked him if he was feeling okay or if he was okay (it's sometimes hard to remember the details in your dreams) and I remember Andrew shaking his head vigorously and my mother letting out a little light chuckle (as if that's in his nature to always say "nope" when you're supposed to say "I'm fine"). I remember Andrew was wearing a grey tee shirt. He lifted his mask and tried to get up but was too exhausted and fell back down on the bed.

    I remember at one point going over to my mother who was out of earshot, and as I was moving towards her, I remember thinking about asking her if I could make butter grits for him later (because he had gotten surgery in his mouth area so that would be easy for him to eat) but before I got to her I thought about how that was instant and how I don't want feed him something instant so instead and how I only feed him things made from scratch and when I get to her I ask if I can make him mashed potatoes later and she says "yes."

    She asks me later if I'm in love with him and I say "yes" and so because of my answer she lets me stay with him and leaves me with him. I go over to the bed and rest my hand next to his on the bed and his hand reaches over and takes mine. Our hands feel warm together.

    Lately I've gotten a lot of psychic readings telling me that the key to starting a relationship is to walk up to him and say "hi" and things will go from there. And I plan to do that the next time I see him (which is either Thanksgiving break or Winter break). So in the dream as my mother was leaving the room I remember being about to ask her if Andrew and I are together romantically because I'm unsure if we're in the future where I've already taken the advice of the psychics but then I choose not to ask her because I don't know how she'll take it.

    Can you figure out what any of this means for me?

  • I find your color association fascinating--black bandages and a gray t-shirt. Although I understand your desire is for a romantic relationship, this dream has more to do with your personal deep feelings of shame and desire. Mouth and private parts are all involved. It seems this guy is more of a crush or infatuation rather than a relationship. Your mother's presence shows you are unsure of your actions and want and/or need validation that you are doing the right things. This dream is a dream of desire, not a premonition.

    Gray is a combination of black (unknown or dark) and white (known and in the light) and gives "color" to your dreams of this person. He is not aware of how you feel. Do not pressure him but try to cultivate his friendship. There is a feeling of wanting to help him or that he needs your help (and no one else) and only you can provide the answers as to the true status of what is going on with you in your life circumstances.

    Blessings and Good Luck

  • Hello Firefly01. Thank you for the analysis.

    I can already say that my parents' approval means a lot to me. Not in the sense that I need their validation that Andrew is a good guy as much as that i just want them to be a part of my life and my decision making process. We're an Asian family and in Asia, the approval of the relatives is very important. We just value our family members' opinions. 🙂 So yes the part about the mother does seem spot on.

    In general I like to take care of those I love... that's just me.. and it did at first seem like the hospital, me wanting to cook for him, etc. were all reflections of my desire to care for him.

    Mouth and private parts are all involved, but his mouth was covered up with a breathing mask and we had to go to the hospital because of erectile pains. So they weren't exactly shown in a positive light. What about the part where he reaches out and takes my hand... what do you see that as symbolizing?

    "this dream has more to do with your personal deep feelings of shame and desire"

    Could you please elaborate on this, please?

    "There is a feeling of wanting to help him or that he needs your help (and no one else) and only you can provide the answers as to the true status of what is going on with you in your life circumstances."

    Could you please clarify this please... do you mean that there is that feeling within myself or in my dream? Or that you can sense that in the situation as well (I'm not sure if you're a psychic or not)?

    Thank you again.



  • Mostly, I sense your dream is simply a dream and not prophetic in its symbols or actions of the people involved. Sometimes, dreams about people come about by thinking a lot about that person during your day. Before you go to sleep at night, make a request to the guides of the light to guide your dreams and act as avatars to show you important events and enlightenment about situations or feelings. Your dream seems to contain more elements of symbols, which I have tried to focus. When I examined your dream, I had the sense of cultural expectations, which now makes perfect sense when you mentioned your Asian descent.

    Pain is a symbol and some cultures teach that for women to possess "desire" and enjoyment is tantamount to being a harlot, a streetwalker is the nice way to put it. Inside of you there are conflicting feelings about being a woman and while I have the sense you are not overly "experienced" as a loose woman; the feeling is that you are very "virginal" in your thought processes. I get the sense of you being a teenager rather than a grown woman, which makes sense for the face being "covered" and half of his face in black bandages because there is a side of him of which you know little--not that this is a bad thing. You sense his warm nature and how the possibility of holding hands with him thrills you and scares you at the same time.

    I am clairsentient, which simply means images and feelings are transmitted to me through the written and spoken word, as well as people-watching. I sense and therefore I "know" things about others that they are not overtly aware of possessing. For example, years ago, I met a very good-looking guy and a voice inside of me spoke a loud "Danger" and several months later, he attacked and raped me. It's a form of heightened intuition, if you will.

    Also, I am an experienced numerologist and Tarot reader and at times, psychic clairvoyant, although I am working to expand my spiritual side in order to "see" more images rather than just simply feeling what others feel.

    In some situations, when a question is posed and I read the request--if I do not immediately have a sense of importance or no immediate message to convey, then I seldom respond. Some people post questions that are plain ridiculous and their doubt screams how they do not believe in psychic phenomena. Some people have been extraordinarily surprised when I hit the target without being given many details. Naturally, I cannot turn it on like a faucet but I've learned to turn off the negative vibrations I receive because it has nothing to do with me.

    Hope this helps answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to make specific requests, but in order to achieve greater comprehension, we do require a few details in order to answer with greater accuracy. Blessings and thank you for allowing me to read for you.

  • DesiringLove,

    Would you describe yourself as an emotional care taker in real life, especially in regards Andrew ? Are you in a process of "fixing" Andrew's problems one way or another ? Acually "fixing" might be the key word here, as by taking too intense care of him you make him see you as a "mother figure", rather than a sexual partner. In a way you emasculate him, which , of course, hurts in a genital area. That's what erectile pain and your mum's presence might be about. When your mother (your maternal side) asks him if he is ok, and he says "nope" she (you) doesn't really believe him, as he was supposed to say fine, thanks. But that's the truth - he might feel smothered by all that care and deprived of his masculinity, although he feels grateful for your help too. He conncets to you on a human level (as he would connect to a mother figure), that's what holding hands is about, but not as a man to a woman. At some level you know it, that's why you had this dream, but the "good woman" part of you doesn't want to believe it. You would do yourself a great favour if you withheld your nurturing side a little bit. Well, probably a lot.

    Well, that's my take on this dream. Good luck to you !

  • As to the original question, I find the Dream Moods website very helpful with dream analysis. I only use the dictionary but they also have a great discussion forum I read from time to time. Just reading through some common interpretations in the dictionary gets me more in touch with my personal feelings and intuition, then the meaning and/or lesson/premonition of the dream becomes crystal clear.

  • I know of an instance where someone took Viagara and got an erection that wouldn't go away--can be kinda serious. I dream a lot in comedy and seems this takes on that tone.There's a lot of twists and turns. My initial impression was not good as far as a relationship. If anything, regard this as a friendship and not as serious. A lot of roadblocks here.

  • I hope someone can give me some insight into my dreams.

    I usually have very interesting dreams, with complicated plots, characters, places, colors, smells the whole deal. So I love to dream and try to remember each one.

    Dream 1) I was turned into a vampire, I enjoyed being a vampire, I was not scared. In my dream I didnt harm anyone. Then I came to my sister (older than me) and told he she can either run away or chose that I turn her into a vampire, she chose to be turned into one. We had fun, ran around.

    Dream 2) I dreamed about a client, who I dont know if even exists, he came to an apointment and talked to my mother, about their buisness. What I do remeber is that he conected something he owns to something we are trying to sell in a sense that it is close by (not so sure about the details here). I do remeber how he was drviing a red car, his surname began with an S.

    In the time when he was talking to my mom I went over to his car and removed a box of puzzles from the trunk because I was trying to make sure his car doesnt get stolen. I thought someone will see the puzzles and steal the car. After I took the puzzles, me and my sister started to put them together, we managed to to that together but then I was a bit clumsy and they fell and a part got seperated but then I put it back together.

    Something tells me the puzzles were sort of in a shape of a man, but I am not sure about this.

    Dream 3) I was at a flat and there were a few girls there and we were all waiting for someone and something. I got along with a 2 of the girls (dont know who they are) and we were talking about the guy I liked and weather he would come over and what the boys might do later on.. and I remember the guy I like did come over, wearing a black shirt and he came over to kiss me and in my head I was thinking how this might be his way of showing he does like me. But then I commented to this girl - yea yea but he still doesnt like me, he still doesnt have my number

    and I remember there being a tram car with the number 31 on it.

    Hmm maybe no meaning in any of them? just vivid imagination? wishful thinking?

    one of my most memorable dreams was when I dreamed I saw Jesus on a hill preaching! 🙂

    ah and once I dreamed about a woman I met that day, I dreamed how she was a race car driver and the next day she told me she used to be one in her youth and the thing is I never knew that, didnt hear it from anyone and she has not told any of us that. freaky 🙂

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