My inner child

  • How many of you have met your inner child, have relived the most painful moment, have comforted that child?

    It happened to me this morning quite without warning. I had just finished reading a section of that Louise Haye book and I started to think about what was my biggest block and where did it originate. Baf bam before I could stop it I was a three year old and I was not abe to fit a piece of a puzzle in and started crying and my stepmother got really mad and made me look at myself in the mirror and told me how bad I was, how useless how stupid I looked when I was crying. I remember that incident, I remember at the time thinking this is ridiculous. My inner child would not stop crying. I picked her up and held her until she stopped. I looked in her eyes and I saw so much mistrust there, it was scary, I held my hand out but she refused to take it. So I left the scene after saying I would be always there for her. I have been really upset all day, at the memory and at the mistrust. I was shown another scene as well with my brother where he was threatened with the carving knife, but I could not reach his inner child, I guess he must deal with that memory himself.

    Anyway after spending the whole day being upset and hiding from the kids sorting and cleaning, I revisited that scene and I was so overjoyed when that little girl took my hand and smiled up at me with no more mistrust and believed me when I said everything would be okay and I would always be at her side. And off she trotted dragging me behind her. It was so wonderful. And it all ahppened at the hosue we lived in then.

    So what comes next? I read that when you resolve those kind of issues and comfort your inner child that your whole attitide and life can change and that you have to be wary of those who have being keeping you under their control, they will invent new ways of trying (I got loads of readings with this info regarding my own husband).

    Does anyone have any experience with this. I kind of have the feeling I now have 5 children. And what is so lovely is that my youngest daughter is nearly the age I would have been in that memory and I have been giving her so many hugs today. I will teach my children to listen to their inner child. It is also quite exhausting. I am so looking forward to going to bed to have silence.

    So what happens next?

    HUgs to you all,


  • Absolutly amazing Paddi!

    I don't know what comes next but I sure hope it is good and for you to let us know.

    I will have to try out what you did sometime or several times as I have tried numerous times but with only little effect. You're so right about how much it takes out of you and you want the rewards to be as great. Sometimes the trauma and the pain was so violent and lengthy, that faciing it and her is devastingly difficult. I'm not so sure I can honestly tell her it is over and she can come out.

    Guess perhaps that may be why I have failed before to release. It bears thinking and your posting gives me food for thought.

    Blessings in all things

  • Hi IBeleive funny I was thinking of you when writing the post missing your earthy wisdom.

    Hugs from me!

  • Dear Paddi,

    Your wisdom is on top today, teaching the rest of us how to go on from here. You are a blessed soul full of gifts you neither squander selfishly nor supress out of existance. We could all take a page from your book and do better in our own lives.

    Thanks for the hug I can use it right now.

    Blessings and abundance to you my friend!

  • Oh Ibeleive you make me blush, I thank you for your kind words, they are not ones I would ever have said to myself, and if I can help please please mail me.

    Today I was able to tell my inner child I loved her. It came quite spontaneously. I guess that is a big step forward. I visited some places in my past in this life I had forgotten about and they showed me why I react today in certain situations. Release and move on. That is the hard part. I crave silence.



  • Hi Paddi,


    With me ... I experienced that and moved on ...indeed the people who thought they had me under their control didn't like that much. I must say I felt lost for a while yet recaptured myself when I picked up the things I left behind due to these people who also contributed to the hurt I was carrying around. I started to believe again in the positive things that was burried within me due to everything related those events.

    I guess you start trusting yourself more on a deeper level and have a more "complete" feeling. Well that is what I have. A sense of peace that I am not willing to give up anymore just to be in that spot where they want me to. It all came little by little but it's a joy to recognize the moments.

    Treasure this moment it's truly beautiful not perfect yet beautiful.


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