Capitain: Question PLEASE

  • Hi Capitan,

    I am a very sexual person, and latley my husband has been making excuses, or just not all the interested as he use to be.

    Now, he is under alot of stress, i will give him that. But my question i just tooo much for him, or is he cheating me?

    Me: 10/15/1981


  • It is typical of this combination of personalities that your husband becomes inacessible to you just when you need him the most, especially sexually. You can make physical demands that are too heavy for him to meet, while he can make emotional demands that you find hard to handle. It takes many years for the two of you to build emotional understanding in your relationship. Dealing with personal problems is not really this relationship's forte. You both have a tendency to take the easy way out or give up during times of crisis. Trust and acceptance doesn't come easily here and must be worked hard at. Your husband is not having an affair but he is very, very tired physically, mentally and emotionally, and he feels he can't give you what you want. Unless you pull back and have more empathy for what he is going through, you may lose him. This would be a shame as the two of you have a certain magic that enables you to get along very well. Together you have a great potential for a productive and successful relationship. But you will both have to make compromises (he will give you physical love if you give him emotional understanding and affection) and adjust to each other's needs. If you can't, then the marriage is doomed. Don't lose patience - the goal is definitely worthwhile.

  • hi captain

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    i have looked around the house but i just cant remember where i have put it. i have had it for a long time and i am searching desprately fot it.. please can u use your great skill to help me find it,,, thank you,,, from amina

  • Amina123, this is WaitingformyPisces' thread. If you start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page, I will answer you there.

  • ok.. i have created it, please can you answer me in my thread..

  • I know i am VERY LATE but thank you ONCE Again Captian 🙂

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