Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Three

  • Scully, I think because we spent time on the posts about taurus males mabe lol? not a pisces, close, a cancer:) Which is suppose to be the sign I match well with, but my best friends are aries:) I have no clue why, mabe its my gemini rising?

  • Hi Blue cat,

    As a Arian i find i get on very well with Cancer people in general.. nice warm friendly chatty people, properly why.

    Havant been on that thread for long while, haven't noticed either the topic starter been around, so hope all going OK with her Taurus man.

    I did something random yesterday.. i found the number to contact that first guy i never got to meet, with on line-dating.. he's married now .. so happy for him, at the time he seemed ideal on his profile, but since after all this time and how iv changed a grown im not even sure that what i really have wanted anyway,, he he, how things change.

  • On one hadn that would be hard, but on the other, you have atleast found out, so you can have some closure as to whether he was right for you, someone will be:)

  • I just happened upon this thread and would like to thank the poster. not too long ago, i was a mess! a horrific mess! i did figure out the necessary steps and p[process eventually on my own. but thank you so much for sharing this with others that will hopefully benefit.

  • Good for you, Lilcrazy. 🙂 Guess you can change your forum name to Lilwiser, eh?

  • I went upstairs and what do I see? my daughter has sitting on the floor with her friend, her lava night light between them, my son standing over them wearing my sunglasses, like some kind of reding body guard pretending to be who knows what,(he didn't get it from me) and my daughter has my Angel cards spread out appearantly doing a "reading" for her friend, my first instinct was to take them away and ask her why she was playing with them, she said I wasn't playing, I do it all the time". Hmm. Am I missing something? I haven't used them latley because I was actually kindev weirded out by the new ones, as my old ones were not as complicated, and sort created some doubt in my ability to "channel the correct beings", but I don't know why my child is so drawn to them, or if she was just playing with them, she wasn't happy when I took them away.

  • I atleast she wouldn't be so dramatic with them if she was going to use them , the lava light and her brother standing over pretending to be gypsy, just almost comical lol

  • Bluecat, she really believes in the cards and is benefiting from their advice. They are like a friend she can consult when she can't talk to anyone else. The drama of the lights and her brother is necessary to get her into the appropriate mood for reading - at least she is taking it seriously, if a tad melodramatic, but she will realize eventually that she doesn't need any physical props.

  • Thanks Captain! So I should let her have them then? I was a bit worried what the other kids mom would say, as I am private in my life around here, but oh well, my daughter does seem to really like them, and I when I asked her how she used them, she did say she said a protection prayer for truth and angels only, as I always felt they came sanctioned in truth, light and love, I was a little thrown off by the instruction to ask for that during the reads, since my other deck didn't include those, but sounds like she had it under control:)

  • I forgot to add she drew the music card, thats good since she joined band and excelled with her instrument:)

  • Heres your spread captain:)

    Yoga: your life is enhanced by yoga, strectching, and excercising. To get clear answers and guidance turn to yoga, a peaceful activity toincrease both your confidence and intuition. Your encouraged to learn yoga. For a few people this card will signify actually making it a carrer, you may be guided to teach, or design around it, examp. clothing). Regardless of whether it s central or peripheral for you you are clearly guided to practice this life affirming form of exercise and stretching. Ask you angels to guide you to the best teacher for this pupose. They will provide the signs.

    Next: Study ,Reading , researching, education help you gain confidence and aclrity about your goals. This card indicates you need additional information to feel at your most confident about your carrer path. Fortunately the angels are guiding you clearly in this. Please notice your recurring ideas, feelings about taking class, engaging a mentor, reading a book, forms of research and study.Your also recieving signs to point you in supporitve directions. For example the samwe people may suggest the same book, this indicates angels are giving you messages through others messages. You will find something important for you in the frequently mentioned sign. They opened a door of information for you through watching for the signs that lead to the book, movie , location, ect.

    Next" Travel Your lifes purpose involves some travel. You bring blessings where you go! You may be called to travel or a life changing travel experiance will give you a breakthrough about your Divine purpose. This card also speaks to movement in your life, with adventurous and life enhancing changes occuring for you now and in the immediate future. By letting go of the old and coming into the changes you gain sense of meaning and fullfillment you have desired. The third meaning is your life purpose involve technology, especially with respect to computers and telecomunication. This could signal tellecommutting, where you work from home, otherwise computer sales , programming and such.

  • continued, for Captain, Last: Support; Your life purpose fully supports you.You drew this as a sign that you are fully supported, as long as you fully committ to your life purpose. Hold positve intentions, and follow your divine guidance. You may feel unsure about making carrer transition, perhaps you feel stuck in a job that doesn't offer the rewards you truly seek, or only certain financial ones only. Mabe you outgrew a profession that was once fascinating, or you could be wondering how to build financial foundation for your spiritually based bussiness. The angels ask that you lean upon them as trustworthy bussiness partners who lighten and support your path. Your role includes communicating with them about your hopes, dreams, expectations, insecurites, any issues. Tell them everything between you and them. Then listen to their answers, which come to as strong and recurring feelings, ideas, signs. If your unsure whether or not its guidance and or its accurate, request additonal signs of clarity. They are the worlds best coworkers, having only your happiness, peace and best interests in mind.

  • I love it, love it, love it, don't know I put it off lol

  • There were a few typos I missed:( not messages through messages lol messages through messangers,a s in others, sorry. Captain what did you dream about "being" growing up? what did we think we would be back when we weren't sure yet? and was it or is it still very important to "be" those things? does it say something about who were? and where we are now? we didn't miss marks right? we changed our minds mabe? I wonder about the significance of those childhood ideas about who would be

  • Bluecat, yes your daughter can use the cards but you must explain to her that not everyone believes in such things and she must be careful whom she tells.

    Thanks for the reading. I haven't done any yoga though I have read up on it. I am exercising hard on my treadmill though and would love to be more physically flexible. I love the thought of angels as your best co-workers. I do read and research a lot. I have always loved to travel and meet new people and see new places - I wanted to be an air hostess when I was young. It certainly does say something about the kind of person we were at the time when we dreamed of what we wanted to be. What was your dream, Bluecat?

  • An air hostess, like a flight attendant? I love that:)! I think back to what I thought I would be, and I think I may have been a little lost then too in what I wanted to do, but I do remember wanting to be a teacher, I thought it would be wonderful to have the oppertunity to affect young lives in a good way:) I played teacher a lot. I also went through my "I'm going to grow really tall and be a model phase" lol, I never did grow that tall, and my life was a bit sheltered for all that would have entailed. I always thought of growing up and getting married, having little ones, I defintly did that, I think I spent more time dreaming and less doing to actually finalize any real goal:) Now I'm still figuring it all out. I love that angels are our best coworkers too, I can't imagine a life without them, I go so long in between touching my cards, then I wonder why, I told my daughter she could use the Life Purpose cards, as they seem to agree with her, I was mostly worried about her packing them off to her fathers or something, not that he doesn't know deep in the recesses of his mind that they are a powerful tool and that when I was using them, he need never cheat or lie:) it would only be a matter of time before the cards would help me to see the light:) he would use them against me though, not because hes against them, but just because he needs straws now, and his wife has him going to a church. I can't argue with going to church, I enjoyed it too before I moved away from mine, but I do wonder if they started to going originally to "look" like better people because they sure haven't changed. I was so close to hiring an attorney last week , now I'm right back there again, I want sole custody of my children now. I think hes done enough to them and me and I'm done with it. I don't know if I can get it since its a year after his abuse, but I want to try.

  • I'm calling a lawyer back tommorow! I couldn't find one that didn't know his family, so I'm calling one in my boyfriends family, I have no clue how I'm going to afford it , but I'm done with this grief. I feel like my ex has some protective shield around him right now that he hasn't earned or deserved with all his lies, I just don't understand how he can keep getting away with it:(

  • Yes Bluecat, your ex has people standing in front of him to shield him at the moment, but he is about to do something that loses their support. You are wrong that he is getting away with or not being affected by all this drama - I am picking up that he is barely holding on to control and will soon be unable to hide what he is anymore - like many negative people who will find the honesty and intensity of the new earth vibes too hard to handle.

  • Hi Captain,

    Like some advice, i would like to chat to water girl about my drink what im doing but really unsure what section to post a tread in?

    Ideas please Scully

  • Scully, Watergirl reads the tarot so you could post a thread with her name in it in the Tarot section and I'm sure she would see it.

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