Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Three

  • Sandpiper, realizing it on a conscious level is the biggest step. Now you have to confront your fear - of more than just storms but of being unable to control your situation - by doing what you fear. Letting go, and even letting someone else take over for a while.

  • oh. wow. Just realized I may have a few trust issues to work on. 😮

  • I just wanted to check in and say I've been applying all of the advice you've given me and it's really turning out in my favor! It's like I've been hit with this huge jolt of positive energy lately and I'm attracting all sorts of people, it has me feeling a porch light to a bunch of moths, haha. I am swatting away the negative ones while trying to let the positive ones through to add to this all- around good mood I'm in. I've even managed to bag a very suitable gentleman-caller 😛 Who so far meets what I'm looking for in a potential partner. He was persistant, because at first, I admit, I wasn't really open to the idea of another man just yet and made up my mind about him that he was a sarcastic p*rick (which I was SO wrong about, he truly was just beng genuine). I've truly fallen for his incredible mind, strong values, and respect for me as not only a woman, but as a human being. I was already feeling amazing about myself, but he only adds to that daily with positive reinforcement. It's not something I've ever been used to before, always attractng losers instead of good men. But it's something I could get used to. It's nice having the reciprocation I've been looking for when giving my attention to someone.

    That, and he absolutely loves the fact that I'm a mother and broke it down in such a way that it just made me melt.

    It is true, Love finds you when you least expect it!

    I hope this thread allows for good check-ins too. And I just wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate your help, Captain. 🙂

  • Yes. check-ins and feedback are always appreciated. 🙂

    P sounds wonderful! Good for you.

  • Oh, that was my sad attempt at a tongue sticking out smilie, haha. It would actually be "J", but from the sounds of the compatibility analysis it doesn't sound too good.

  • I have come to realise,

    One, i had to forgive myself for my weaknesses, and even i can be emotionally weak at times, we'll this was a long time, still, Too much was on focus on forgiving others, but i forgot about the most important person me,, why i kept going back so much.

    Two, That in it's self not all bad as long as one''s self learns from it.

    That i hope will empower me to keep the strength to keep positive and get the life i want for me.

  • Absolutely right, Scully!

  • I finally got meeting with the Councillor,, my drink as i already knew, was mostly a emotional crunch, and she said im a strong woman, and i have the tools at my disposal, she asked what i wanted, i just want to either have a healthier relationship with drink, oh yes also she said im way too hard on myself, so i just want to understand the trigger in me, already im writing things down, have gone with out, but not in sense im punishing myself any more.

    In this week , ive come to see that while i was saying or been told to forgive others, i forgot about the most important person myself.

    I needed to forgive myself for been unable to find the true strength to face it as it was, face my own fear and confront him with what i knew was true, i was weak through fear of losing i had as it was better than nothing, i was so deep down cross with myself for that, so unlike me.

  • Scully, why do you need to drink - to relax and unwind, to punish yourself, to forget something or to escape life for a while, or what?

  • T hats complex. of what im working on, it's halve when im upset hurt lonely,, sometime it is just that its been a hard week, got day off, so i fancy one to relax, but my one or two dont stop there, i have finish bottle most time.

    I have lessoned it over the years, very mych latter last year or so,, i also had come to have it as confidence thing, which is daft cause i dont need it for that, but i did,, also got used to using it to help me relax to express things on emails and here, just felt it easier to say what i feel ect, i know thats daft but that the habit i got too. It has lesson so much, the need is there a bit,

  • The trouble is while drinking may relax you and give you the confidence to speak, it also clouds your mind and judgment so that you might say some things you don't mean to say.

  • I agree, iv certainly done that, and sometimes you speak your truth, when you realise you shouldn't have.

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