Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Three

  • Shadowmist, these feelings and deja-vu senses are nothing to fear. They are what is supposed to occur as you grow back into your old skin, your authentic self. Everyone expresses themselves differently through their psychic sense. You have these flashes of future insight so that you can anticipate and avoid trouble for yourself or others. You can be of immense help through using your ability. Don't fear your growing strength and gifts - they are a beautiful thing and proof of your growth and forward evolution. Practise using your intuition to tell you whether your visions are meant to be passed onto others or to be kept to yourself as a sort of cautionary message to be alert for trouble.

  • thank you capt I will practicing then and learn to embrace these feelings so it doesnt throw me off kilter 🙂

  • Good Day! Captain the last few days I felt like I sensed something in my house spirit or entity did a house cleaning last nite and belive it is now gone, do you sense anything? Thanks, sorry to jump in. Love, C.C

  • Actually Poetic, I feel it was a (long past) relative of yours who was trying to contact you urgently. A grandmother from long ago...

  • And this thread is open to all so jump in whenever you like.

  • I think you should embraced the deja vu like Captain said. You are lucky in the respect that you can change the circumstance. I have dreams that eventually come true. They don't usually happen immediately or within a certain time frame and when they do happen, I have no ability to change the circumstances.

    For instance, I was coming home from a meeting yesterday. As I was driving a particular route, you go under what is called "suicide bridge." Has been known by this for the 30 years I've lived in this area. It always makes me a little sad to drive under it and normally I don't this route. Anyway, as I am leaving the downtown area headed for the freeway I see a ton of emergency vehicles under this bridge. As I drive by I see a flash of something in the road but not wanting to gawk, I didn't slow down to see clearly. They were covering something up. I was hoping in my mind that it was an animal that was hit and not a person but when I looked at 9 cop cars there, I knew they wouldn't all show up for an animal so it had to be a person. I don't wish for any animals to be hit either but to realize that I am coming across a scene where someone has committed suicide, it makes me even more sad. Anyway, as I was thinking about it later wondering still if it was human/animal, it dawned on me. I had already seen that particular scene in a dream. Deja vu. I do this frequently but I can never change the outcome and I don't remember the dream until it happens. It would be wonderful to think that I could have changed that outcome so that the person would have gotten help instead of ending their life.

  • That is so sad Auntbuck I can understand to a certain point about wanting to commit suicide and I think everyone thinks about it at some point in their life but sometimes the demons (as I call them) gets to be so overwhelming especially with the terminally ill they feel like it is the only thing left that they have control over

  • Yeah, very sad, that space probably needs healing, I've been getting very intuitive, thinking of something in then it happens the same day. If I knew it was a Grandmother or relative, wouldn't have run them away, oh well. Better if they come in dream state.

  • Having visions or dreams of future events doesn't usually mean you have to do something about it. Often it's just a result of your growing psychic awareness and openness, just a signpost as it were to say "Keep on doing what you are doing - you are making great progress!"

  • Poetic, I feel your relative's message was to say how like her you are and how she sees you making the same mistake as she did - being too trusting, especially towards men. It's fine to trust but you have to be discriminating too so as not to be taken advantage of. I feel a male in your surroundings is deceiving you.

  • It has always been a sad place and I would be lying if I said I hadn't driven over the top of that bridge myself and thought about jumping. Granted, it was decades ago and I was in the heights of my addiction issues and I thought about it... but couldn't do it. I'm so glad that there has always been an inner force inside of me that has made me fight for my life. I feel sad for people who can't see that warrior inside and can't see beyond the moment that "this too shall pass." There were so many times that I couldn't believe that my life could get better and yet, as I age and have become more evolved, even when I am down, I know that it is a temporary state. I wish everyone could realize this. Unfortunately, the terminally ill know that there is an end coming up sooner than expected. I think maybe this is why I am getting so interested in hospice and end of life. I want to be able to show people that even if the end is sooner, there is still a way to live the last of your days in a place of happiness. A place where you can look back and appreciate all you have done and who you are.

  • I would imagine we all suffer through the anguish of committing suicide in at least one of our lifetimes. We are after all here to gain knowledge of every area of human experience. That is why reincarnation is the only belief that makes sense to me. You couldn't possibly learn everything in just one lifetime.

  • Maybe you could do a sage clearing or visualization to cleanse the bridge of its accumulated bad vibes, AB?

  • I'm thinking the same thing...time to send the whole place some Reiki and clearing. I agree that we all can't learn everything we need to learn in one lifetime. I remember being told when I first started getting "clear" that we are here to learn a lesson, sometimes we are here to help someone else learn a lesson but when we have completed our lesson, we move on to a different plane of existence and prepare for our next lessons. When you have reached all levels, you become an angel. I don't know if that is true but it certainly has helped me understand why people especially children die violent deaths. If you look at parents who have lost their children under bad circumstances, many become advocates in that area and reach out to other so that they don't have to suffer the same pain. A lot of good has come out of the pain and suffering of people. Look at the drunk driving laws, it is almost world wide now that there are strict laws against this. I would just hate to think that all the suffering was all for nothing.

  • feel the ANGEL HUGS surround you in your favourite fragrance

    enjoy your weekend.


  • I wanted to give an update on one of my new activities for this year. I have been going to a personal trainer for the last two weeks. Finally, someone that works with energy and it is not the weight loss or inches, it's about finding you and becoming balanced at the core. Once you are balanced at the core, everything else will fall into place. I really am so happy that I have found someone that speaks to me in the way that I have been searching for. I am excited to work with her and look forward to my sessions every time I go. She has been what I have been looking for in dealing with the weight/wellness/exercise issues in my life.

  • Good for you, AB - balance is everything.

  • Hi all! Just dropping in to say hello Captain!

  • Wow Aunt Buck, I know you probably do "feel" a lot when you go under there, being your able to pick up. It is sad, as someone who has suffered a lot of depresion and anxiety I made a decision early on to never take that path no matter how low it got, I wish those that take that path could find another way out of their pain:( Its sad that so many go through so many things , so much lonliness, and despair, if only those that need support could find one another instead. I guess no one can truly understand what another feels unless they are intuned to others and can handle that , not become overwhelmed by it. I have defintly became overwhelmed by it before, or wondered "why am I sitting here and this stranger is telling me that"? but I'm getting more comfortable with it, well atleast more comfortable that they aren't trying to form a bond, they just seem to want to tell me, then move on, its easier for them to do that for some reason I suppose. Aunt Buck, I have "dreams too", no suprise, are b days are so close lol, that we would have that common too. I catch the neighbors emotions in my dreams, talk about bizzare, what goes on behind closed doors.

  • Bluecat, how're things with you?

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