Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Three

  • AB, I feel your spirit has not completely separated itself from your parents - which is a part of the maturation process. Don't worry - lots of us are in the same boat. It's only when we can see ourselves as whole and complete individuals who no longer need anyone else's approval and have grown into our own values, ways, and beliefs that we will truly be adults. It's about cutting the cords that bind us to each other. You can pick and choose which cords to keep connected and which to cut, such as those with your parents. AB, I feel your strongest (and perhaps most damaging) cord is with your father - it influences your relationships with all men.

  • No..it hasn't. I have always wanted their approval. I am definitely getting there but there is residuals that I don't know that I will ever get away from while they are alive. My father is more...authorative I guess...he's the one that is harder to please. He doesn't let much get past him so I can see where that cord could influence my relationships. In most ways, I admire my dad and the work he did to support all of us. I do think that he is a good example of providing for your family and doing whatever it takes to do it. My first husband had some of the disposition of my father in that he angered easily and was very overbearing. Could be amusing as all get out but only when he felt like it. However, both have mellowed with time. My ex had some of the "do whatever you need to do to support the family" but not in the same way. I admire my father's financial skills so I do seek men that are responsible with their money because while I was with my ex husband he certainly didn't manage money well. He does now but back then...definitely not. It was a source of struggle with us. I was raised to save for a rainy day and he was forced to live hand to mouth and was okay with it, so we frequently fought about money.

  • I think people fear cutting cords means disconnecting entirely from your family but it really is just making yourself more of an independent individual. It doesn't mean breaking up, just growing up.

  • I think it means freeing yourself from painful things. You can always keep the cords of love. It's the ones that are damaging that need to be cut. I had an AWESOME 4 1/2 hour Reiki session today and we hit that inner child big time today. I'd be interested in what you are picking up now Captain. I discovered something that had long been buried that I had NEVER discussed with another soul and released it today. I think it literally was the root of many of my ails. It was so freeing to get rid of that and meditate it out of my core. I'll need to continue to work on it I think to make sure it is all gone but for now...it's been released out into the universe It was weird but out of the blue Reiki my master asked me what happened during the time I was 8 - 10 years old and I immediately realized and knew what she was talking about. I haven't thought about this for years...decades and yet I knew exactly what she was asking about.

  • AB, make sure this long buried, newly released piece of yourself has completely left your aura as I feel it may have 'snagged' on the outer layer of your spirit. It's fighting to stay 'alive'.

  • I want to make sure that it is gone also....I will keep meditating it out of there and working on forgiving myself. I had forgiven the other parties involved but never myself. That had a lot to do with it hanging around. It's also been bringing up other things that I have buried....those have to go too. :0)

  • I think I am making my ideal partner unattainable because it's safer that way. I am subconsciously sabotaging myself so I won't have to actually put myself out there or give anyone a chance. That way I won't be hurt again.

    I'm struggling right now between knowing that you will get hurt while in a relationship, and that love doesn't hurt. It's such a fine line, and I've always failed at finding the right person. I'm either too trusting or too bitter/jaded.

  • AriesMama, you have to be willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, to give them a chance to prove their trustworthiness. Being bitter and jaded will only leave you lonely and unhappy.

  • 5. Throw away something that you have been keeping for a long time but that no longer has any meaning or represents you as a new person with a new life beginning. Declutter your soul.

    I just got done clearing away clutter in my house before New Years. I got rid of clothes and items that I hadn't used for a long time. I also got rid of personal gifts from the ex that no longer need to have that energy attached to me and my home from him. Some of the clothes I got rid of I have had for over a decade so it's actually weird to look in my closet and see empty spaces now. Before they were packed in tightly and there was no room to slide hangers from side to side. Now there is lots of room. Drawers were also cleaned out.

    6. Change something about yourself, preferably something you have lived with for a long time, like a hairstyle, a clothing style, the way you get to work, how you exercise or keep fit (or not), your eating habits - just change something (even if it is a small thing) about your routine to give yourself a fresh approach to life. Get more accustomed to change so you can more easily move forward.

    I have had the same style of eye glasses for over 10 years. I looked at a new pair of glasses tonight that I will be ordering when I have money in two weeks. Completely different type of frame that I will be getting. Before I even read this I was in the store with my friend telling her that I wanted to really change my glass style drastically from what I usually wear...she has always commented on the fact that I have the same style of glasses whether it's reading glasses or sunglasses. This time I'm actually going to get transitional lenses so that they are sunglasses too! Completely different for me!

    My other final change that I am making that I have never done??? I'm going to a personal trainer next week and while I can't afford much, I have decided to find the money to see her at least once a week for a personal training session. I have never done this before and have always exercised on my own without any guidance except for what I think I need. This will be a completely different way of going around working on my shell.

  • Wow, good for you, AB. And to think the new year has only just started!

  • Oh...this is going to be a big year. I feel it. I have done so much work on myself over the last two years that in my heart...soul...this year feels like there will be some rewards for that work. I don't expect that it will all be smooth sailing because I know I still have lessons to learn...but I feel like I am gaining that foundation that I needed to learn how to deal with it and keep my peace and calm around me.

    As an after thought, I remember reading (I think it was in the Secret) was if you wanted that find the "one" you needed to make space for that person. I just remembered this when I talked about my closet cleaning. It had a story about a woman that really wished she could meet her one and it wasn't until she opened up space in her life, including her closet, did that person show up. I can see how this could fit. My closet has been jammed packed for 10 years. My dad even had to put a fence post in it to hold it up so I wouldn't tear the rack from the wall. LOL. Now there is at least half of the closet opened up now. The idea was if you had your life jammed packed with stuff, there was no room for other stuff/people to come to you.

  • Makes a lot of sense.

  • Wow, I tried one of those salt caves today - what an experience, very cleansing and relaxing!!!

  • That would be wonderful...the closest I'll get that any time soon is my salt lamp. :0)

  • Yes I have a salt lamp too that is very relaxing. But the walls of the salt cave were lined floor to ceiling with salt rocks so I guess the effect would be magnified. There was a waterfall and soothing music, too.

  • That sounds so relaxing. I just got home from going to a friend's house where we wrote our resentments and dreams down on a piece of paper and burned them under the full moon. Here's to releasing all the negatives so that the positives can come in!

  • Sounds like fun!

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance and colour.


    lovings silver wings

  • Capt I want to say thank you for the spiritual boot camp I have been working on releasing all the pain that was the past and it has been a difficult but opening and encourging journey:. but I have a question

    I am not sure if this makes sense but I will try to explain

    when I was young I used to get these deja-vue type things or senses and then it would happen a few days to a couple of weeks later. I knew exactly what would happen and how to avoid any bad things or turn a situation to mutual agreement for the people involved so to speak.

    I havent had these feelings or senses in a long time and now they are coming fast & it kinda scares me. This all started happening again when I started to release negative thoughts and pain from the past. any idea on a good book that can explain this or how to use it to help others and to overcome the fear

  • by the way I hope & pray that everyone will have a beautiful & happy new year. I apologize that I didnt get to post but I was locked out of the computer 😞

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