Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Three

  • Good for you!

  • This week , I have undoubtly taken a beating from anywhere and everywhere, my childs teacher bascially told me today that if I don't medicate him he will never go to collage and I will support him forever, he is a small child I'm not willing to put him on stimulants, I would afraid for his health, their father decided to "preach his nonsense about me being anxious for 20 minutes instead of focusing on the issue of my childs focus abilities, will this ever end? I feel like I'm being buried alive

  • As long as you feel like a victim, you will be one.

  • Your right Captain, I noticed that right away, something snapped me out of that tonight, I thought well if I'm going to be this miserable I might as well try a little harder to get something to go my way, can't loose if I don't, can't win if I don't try, but sometimes anything is better then just sitting and waiting on something to happen. Inspiration comes from some interesting places:) Its piled up this week, and that suprising that the ex would be the straw, I don't know why but I'm ready to handle all this one way or another

  • Excellent! 🙂

  • I finally showed my kid what you wrote for him, "he said what all did you tell about me"? I said your bday, he said I knew that and that , and I knew that too":) Now my daughter and other son wants theres lol, if you have time can you do hers too? shes May 14th, and shes 11, the little one is Sept. 23rd, hes 9. Thanks!

  • Bluecat, just checking - that's May 14th 2000 and Sept. 23rd 2002?

  • Yes Captain, thats exactly right, how would I type those your way so I'll know? thanks!

  • My way - 14/5/2000 and 23/9/2002.

    Your daughter - Your daughter may rely rather too heavily on logic and analysis to help her control her life (she does like control). She needs to develop her feeling/intuitve side more, to become heart-centred, combining both logic and intuition. She has a natural inclination towards adventure and spontaneous expression that will serve her well on her life journey. But she will need to find a balance between her need for stability and her natural impulsiveness. Her soul has a yearning for natural beauty so getting out in nature and being around animals will always attract and stabilize her. Nevertheless, she may struggle a bit with security issues before she can release the need to prove herself and embrace the challenge to become more completely who she is. Gifted with fine innovative talents, her inquiring mind may strike out in any number of odd or unusual directions in her search for higher levels of fulfillment. Thus, though she can be counted on to break new ground in her chosen field or even to change direction entirely, those same tendencies will bear watching when they come into play in the area of personal relationships, as she can swing from one extreme to another in her choices of partner or friend. Yet if she can learn to tell the difference between boredom and stability, she will have more fun in her life than most people. Many famous writers for instance have the same profile as your daughter.

    Other son - He is here to find a way to communicate his unique thinking and unusual ideas to the rest of the world. Blessed with a kind of genius, he may however find it hard to express what he knows and to cooperate with others. Born with his own unusual type of verbal communication, he may often find himself misunderstood or becoming a lone wolf if he doesn't learn to speak the 'common' language of other people in order to grab their attention. He mustn't let his need to be accepted see him adopt anything but an honest upfront expression of who he is - any put-on 'airs and graces' or intellectual pretension may result in rejection by his peers. He must also avoid a predisposition to long-windedness and a love for the sound of his own voice in order to be most effective in his communications with others. His verbal skills may also be expressed in a tendency to lie, evade, or otherwise obscure their meanings. Yet his great idealism, his deep passion for beauty, and his sensitivity will serve him well in life and the prospect for success is great here, especially when he frees himself from his fears of what others may think, and directs his talents to the expression of a wealth of original and creative ideas - and not merely use them as means to pull the wool over other peoples' eyes. He may often say one thing and do another, changing his views on a dime, and people may not always take him seriously. Yet deep down he is a profound philosophical thinker who can see all sides of a subject or situation.

  • Thats suits them to a tee, wow, I'm going to let them read theirs tommorow, thank you so much Captain! I was suprised my daughter had a capricorn in her astro make up along with her taurus, I thought " oh, there it is", she is sooo serious much of the time, the little one is exactly as that reads, he is a most unusual thinker, but it takes him forever to spit out what he wants to say, he says he wants to be a brain surgeon, I'm not sure how long that phase will last.

  • I have to make the most critical of choices tommorow, let someone be their own undoing, or against all odds go for the order I have finally got the go ahead to alteast ask a judge for in my own county, I don't what changed or why asking again, the answer changed, but it did, and I stumbled on pertinent, secret information today I had no idea of before. I'm really not prepared yet though, I need atleast another week, but I'm not sure if that will be too long, if I should just go for it, come what may, wait or do nothing , and let them do themselves in. I have stood up for myself, I just the legal backing now, but its all such a game of what if still because I had no clue what I was doing in the beginning, even my child said they wish they would have made different choices then then now to stop the bullying from their dad:(

  • Just go with your gut and you will be fine.

  • Thanks, I'm having such a better day,(no sneak attacks yet, I hate to ruin it by getting into all that nastiness, but the impulsive side of me wants to lunge now that there might be a tiny loophole

  • So if you ask for someone's opinion.. on something.. is that asking for approval?

    When you say something and ask another thought is that asking for approval

    I see approval of asking if it ok to do something in fear of backlash to you?

  • It's only unhealthy when you feel your own opinion doesn't matter, so that's why you ask for others. It's fine to get a second opinion as long as you have one first. Seeking others' approval means you have no self-love, self-approval or self-belief of your own.

  • I dont there for ask for other approval.. i always end day do what i want.. simple as that.

    Do you think it a good idea to do the whole new year forecasts or better to go with the flow.. and ask for guidance when you feel you need it, in your own way??

  • Try living using your own inner wisdom/intuition.

  • 🙂

  • I dont think you can beat that,, i think doing tarot is a guidance for you as well as a physic tap into the real inner you, and trust it.

    Ive done so much looking back and adding the dots, so to speak, in relation to past experience, add it up from truths ive found out, when my inner guide was try tell me and i not fully listened.. but it was there and hence why i went to the depths i did.

    I look at is a life experience ive learnt truly from it.

  • I'm super frustrated at the moment. Things are coming along for me pretty well, and for the most part I'm really happy and I live a good life with minimal problems.

    My latest thing though, is getting custody of my son. I have not heard from his father since I busted him on his whereabouts about a month ago which is, well, fine but a week or so ago I wrote him an email asking that if I went through the trouble of getting the paperwork drawn up for sole custody, would he sign it? And to just call this spade a spade already. I feel like it's something I need so I can make all the informed parental decisions regarding our son (and it would be hard to get anything as far as his side of things since I don't know the EXACT location of where he is) even if it's something as simple as travelling, I'd need his permission to take my son out of the country.

    Needless to say, he hasn't responded. If I wait about 2 years since he's seen him, the government here deems that as abandonment and essentially strip his parental rights anyway - so I could just wait it out, but a lot can happen in two years.

    Why won't he do this? I mean he GETS his freedom by doing this. I don't understand why he's ignoring me? I will never have to bother him again if he does this, and he knows that. He's basically getting let off the hook like he's wanted and I don't see why he won't go for it. He hasn't even so much as ASKED about our son or contacted me for over a month, like I said.

    It's not like I'd ever stand in the way when he gets his priorities straight and figures out our son needs a father more than his girlfriend needs a boyfriend. I will always tell him about his kid, but he's got to ASK. I refuse to chase him.

    It just seems so simple to me, and I don't know why he's being this way. Any help, Captain?

    Thanks again for taking to time to read my latest rant/vent. You're the best.

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