• What a welcome, fresh, very point blank addition you are to this forum!!

    I just had to say that!!

    I like your point blank honesty. As a Taurus, it is like a breath of fresh air!!

    BTW..where may I find a Scorpio??? jk 😄

  • You just did....send up a smoke signal just like that, and he will come to you....but make it worth his wild....thanks for the compliment but I'm no Dr Phil.....its all successes and loss...and you're no "just kidding"...LOL....where do you live? what do you like to do? are you dating now? I'm Doug

  • Doug...alas, I have a cancer boyfriend...:D....2 years now.....I live in Indiana!! Ya know...I have a couple of scorpio friends on here..and man..they were not kidding!!

    Are you always this way?

  • Wait...dumb question..of course you are...

  • You may find a Scorpio.. on black seas of the never lands... or you can try match. con!!

    Straight no bull Honesty what else could you ask for its about time.

    Why cant i get with a Gemini?

  • LOL Scully....that spoke to the Irish in me....:D

  • Oh crap sorry i just walked into that..oops lol omg

  • Hey Taurus7--read my comment on your to me before your next move....trruth and intergrity are very imprtant...hurting someones emotions are not....thigh people hurt all the time, we thrive to understand the most intense emotions wether good or bad...thats why we are the scorpio, to go deep underground...then once we find truth...any truth, we climb out and sore like the eagle because we have experinced a new internsity...and we want to share this but only if the person we choose is serious about it.....we can look death in the eye and pull out a newborn baby right foem the womb...what better places to experience experience sex....we will lead for the bedroom, we teach....

  • Ya..I read you have any clue the semblance in what you just typed??? Of course you don't...a@@@ Or perhaps you do. I say that with kindness...I do.... right now I am just thinking..WTF??

  • Taurus7~ I think I'm chasing you thorugh these categories.....where are you ?? why do you want a Scorpio.....Doug

  • I thought I replied to this...maybe I did not post my answer...

  • you didnt answer this....why are you interested in a Scorpio ? be honest !

  • BC I have a few amazing Scorpio friends on here. They told me and what I know of them, love should never be a huge effort. It shouldn't. True love, in my honest opinion, should over come any and all past fears, doubts and experiences. I get Scorpios. Their honesty, I get point blank. I am a Bull after all. So, maybe, with my current situation, I may just feel like I am chasing the wind. Trying to force something that should not be???

    There. That was my honesty.

    Maybe at the end of the day, my cancer is only being loyal BC of who ia m, not how he feels....

    Do I want to believe that? No...but I have to admit I have thought that.

  • One of my friends on here said to me once....scorps are amazing!! I understood her and got her completely. I was just thinking, maybe.....just maybe.......I miught be missing something.

    BC I think true love should not take so much work. It should flow easily, like a river...... was my post.... sorry...

  • Taurus7~ I agree, and Cancers are alot of work...they make no sense and the seem to act in a selfish manner...I mean, people act selfishly...anyone could, but to disappear and not communicate and then act like nothing happens..well thats weird and down right rude...look, if you're even thinking about a relationship with a need this one to be over...or else the relationship with the Scorpio will be all about want a Scorpio for a relationship...then you need to be totally available...that means you can be dating...but if your mind or hearts is slightly wrapped around someone will not keep want a Scorpio...cut this relationship off now !!! before it gets out of hand...then take some time to emotionally close it...then, you're ready to fora Scorpio..because even for sex you;ll be missing out on what a relationship is all about....thers nothing more than the experience and exploration of the most intense intimacy...without all the FEAR..the only fear there will be, is yours on far you want to explore...

  • Thank you for that. I am not sure what I want right now. I know what I need. I told him once, he told me he loved me, early on, before I even knew or felt the same that he loved me. I was mad!! Go figure..I told him...I was yelling and crying...what a mix, that I needed and wanted a man who loved me for exactly who I was....and that he did not know me that well yet.

    But yet Doug..honestly in 2 years he has never hid in his shell from me. Yet, he cannot at this time give me the complete intimacy that i crave. I guess that is my answer, I just never wanted to see it.......sigh

  • All I want is real. At the end of the day.....that is all anyone has......

  • If your not sure, why dont yoi just take some time out, for yourself.. just stop been the bull head, and realise you need that?

  • Taurus7~ Scully is right..step back....if you do, he'll more than likely come closer because of his fear of rejection...but take some time....what you said, is the core, the most important ingrdient for a SOLID and long lasting healthy and loving relationship...TRUE INTIMACY...if you dont feel that, after 2 dear, you never will...that means, he does not know you !!!!

  • This post is deleted!

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