To Blackladydiva from Shuabby

  • Blackladydiver,

    I found your post dear and here is what Iam receiving for you.

    The money will be there for you and the move. I agree that certain dwelling do carry with them imprints from long ago that can hold negative energy that the residents have to continue to ward off.

    I feel you will be moving in the next three months and when looking for another place I feel some yellow in one room and it feels like a baby was in this dwelling and loved very much. Also, I feel move of a house than an apt or an apt on the end of a building that sets to itself like a condo. I also feel some sunlight here shining trough the windows, perhaps a bay window in the dining room area.

    You will be happier after the move as if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders.


  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank You so much. That sounds so awesome to me. Because I am not happy here at all. I don't like to move alot because of the boys I want them to fell comfortable but I don't think any of us are happy here. In the summer somebody put the "hilter" sign on my mailbox and I was not happy with that at all. I speak to everybody in the complex and my kids are always very nice even without mom. So that really made me feel so unhappy. But here I don't even sleep in my own room. And I have some kind of gift I am just learning but that as been a problem since I moved here. So I know it is time. To go. But you know there is a apt complex in NewPort Beach that I have been wanting to move too. And the apt that my younger son and I was looking at was at the end wow that is awesome. I would love to move there. It is just beauitful there. Thanks so much. I love the sun when it shines inside that is what I need to change everything for us.

    Again thanks so much Illona

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