Shuabby please =)

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I write this as im in a happy place in my life. finally! im am here... god knows how much i have sufferd espcialy last year, and how comferting you have been to me, Your advice and guidance always come with a warm big hug.... i remember those hard nights.. So i thank you Shuabby. I thank you for giving your time and sharing your gift with me.

    I do have one question from a previous message you gave me. You told me i will soon meet a man that can be THE ONE, and its someone i could have never imagine in my wildest dreams... who is this man Shuabby?? please tell. LOL! =))

    I hope your day is going well. Big BIG hugs for you!


  • sweettoty,

    Each day I look for a blessing to come through, today it is you.

    I am so glad to hear that you are in a happy place in your life at this time.

    That man that seems to be playing hide and seek with you , spirit says is right around the corner for you and that Christmas time he should appear in your life. Please let me know when he is sent to you from above to make you happier than you have ever been.

    Hugs to you too.


  • Shuabby,

    ........thank you ❤

    And I will. Definitely will

  • Dearest Shaubby,

    I've been thinking and looking for this post for sometime now because I FOUND HIM!!=)

    Where shook I begin.. Well, long story short. I've known this man since my childhood, I've always had a big crush on him and aperantly he did too! 😃 It's been one an half years now that we have been together. I know this is wild but we already have a 6 month old daughter. I am happy , happier then I've ever been Shaubby. You were right!!!

    Blessing to you


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