Help with this Virgo man asc in scorpio

  • Hello all!

    i am new to this forum, but have read quite a few topics on Virgo men. I'd really appreciate some help with a male friend of mine.


    Sun Virgo- Moon scorpio- Rising scorpio- Venus virgo- Mars sag


    Sun cancer- Moon taurus- rising libra- mars gemini

    we dated earlier this year for 3 months. he was very hot and cold never showing emotion and treated me as a friend. I was confused if this man even liked me. In those 3 months we slept together once- which was phenomenal for us both. 2 weeks later we stopped talking for 4 months because he got mad at me because of something beyond silly.

    4 months later he pops back up with a million apologies, and showing emotions I never knew he possessed. I was leary and withheld seeing him for a month. Then he became incarcerated ( mixup) and i was crushed. wrote him a letter and he seemed so happy that i thought of him. Fast forward a mont later- we email 3 times a day, usually, and its friendly and flirtatious. I already know this man is a slow poke when it comes to relationships. The other day he went MIA after a very deep emotional email he wrote me and i responded to it. weird being he initiated.

    My question is- according to our charts do we match?

    and what are Virgo's with a scorpio rising and moon generally like? i feel he has trust issues.

    Thanks for any help!

  • oops and my venus is in cancer 🙂 forgot that part

  • Cancergirl, nobody matches with Virgo men, unfortunately, no matter what sign you are. If you don't believe me, read thoroughly the thread "The heart of a Virgo man". Good luck to you, you'll need it.

  • Lol I have read about them. that sucks 😞

  • I am a Virgo woman Scorpio rising, and my cuttie pie for 6 years now is Cancer, we are a good match, sometimes it gets a little difficult.. This match needs time, and dedication, and patience, but we are a good team, and very compatible. Dont loose faith.

  • Virgogoddess, have you ever dated a Virgo male ? The problem is that Virgo males are a special case. They seem to possess ceratain "fatal flaws", that in my experience Virgo females don't have, namely emotional unreliability. In other words they are notorious for their disappearing acts, playing emotional games and cheating on they partners, if they ever aquire one.

  • Thank you for your insight virgogoddes!

    And Voplysoply- I have had him disappear for trivial things. I was just wondering if the scorpio influence made it worse. Seems Virgo men are all like this. My dad and older brother are virgo's are they both have been married numerous times, My dad always seems to wanna raise someone else's children other than his own- he will leave the last family to raise a new one. It seems they are their own breed.

    Mine is very sweet but very weird. I dated 2 gemini"s in my past...6 Years each.. and already he is up there with them in the mind games area. Why do i choose the weirdest men in the zodiac? LOL not looking for an answer just speaking out loud. Thanks everyone! If anyone else has any insight please share.

  • Actually I do have an answer why do you pick the weirdest sign in the zodiac - that's just obvious ! You have both you dad and your older brother as a male "role models" , so no wonder your subconcious mind is attracted to some familiar characteristics ! Fortunately for you, being aware of this fact, you can chose to change it.

  • life long guarantee on Virgo man character - wired behavior, MIA, lack of emotion , double timing, and some more you may get to see life long....i always wonder when i read and re-read Linda goodman, she says virgo want to be like fire signs and behave like Don Juan types, but they can never can be like that,,,but i dont agree...they genuinely behave like a Don Juan.

    Cancer girl If you are ready for all the action above move ahead,,but knowing cancerians they are very vulnerable emotionally.

    TC, do not break your heart .

  • Thanks guys. I am not willing to purposely get my heart broken-again. I have decided to disappear myself. Oh well, let's see how he likes it. 🙂 Thanks everyone!

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