Is it my baby?

  • my now ex- girlfriend of 3 years is 6 months pregnant. she swears up and down the baby is this other guys. but really, i dont think she knows for sure herself. my delimma is after the past year of our relationship being on and off, around the time the baby was concieved she was with him, then got back together with me. i have trouble rememebering the exact days things have happened since everything has been so rocky between us. i have always hoped to have kids with this girl and i will be devestated to find out the baby is in fact not mine, so i keep despratley trying to find reasons to believe it is mine. i love astrology but im not good with all the formulas and stuff to find out the likelyhood (astrologically) of the baby being mine. my b-day is 02-19-90, hers is 3-16-92 and the baby was concieved sometime in early january, making the due date in september. and it will be a girl if that helps at all. can someone please help with some sort of answer? thanks, matt

  • I can't answer your exact question. but I will give it a logical try and if that fails, I'll use my psychic ability to help in any way I can. Astrologically, your sun signs are generally not compatible relationship wise. From what I ve read about the combo is that both are very secretive hence the confusion. A better way to go astrologically would to have a birth chart made for each of you to be able how everything meshes together. Logically, babies conceived in early jan are born early Oct not Sept, not to mention that first babies even with the best car will come out when they're ready usually late. The other logic part of me wants to slap you for this. You both are far to young not only to be pregnant,but not know who the father is. I apologize for that. Psychically, she is very unsure of who the father is. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that she is only keeping you around because you want to be the father and maybe this other guy doesn't. I have a very strong feeling that she will be born on or near Oct 3. While I also think that any doubt you have about her is valid, it also needs to be trusted by you. On Oct 3 (or thereabouts) I can promise you will find what you seek; ie a beautiful child you can never turn your back on; or a child that confirms what you already feel.

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