Help me please captain

  • hello captain, i have a little problem. well there is this one woman that i like, and we were talking for a little bit, and lately she just stopped talking to me for no reason, which is leaving me confused. so i come here to ask you if i should keep on pursing her or should i just leave before i look like a fool. and i dont want to waste my time or hers either. she's an aries born on 4-1-91, and im a leo born on 8-15-87, i know they say that aries and leos are supposed to get along but idk about this one. please help me with a reading or any helpful information because you are the best captain.

  • In order for this relationship to ever get off the ground, a common basis of communication will have to be created. But the relationship has a natural tendency to find a unique means of dialogue that will further understanding and help to transcend the conflicting personality differences of two such wilful people. The relationship can be put first, and more selfish or individualistic desires can be abandoned, if somewhat unusual avenues of communication are opened up, avenues that you both may never have explored with other partners. The two of you can share a powerfully effective working relationship.

    For the most part, however, this relationship does not do well as a marriage or long-standing living together or friendship arrangement. Destructive power struggles are likely to emerge when passions are aroused between you. A love affair can bring you to heights of sexual excitement and fulfillment, yet is unlikely to be long-lasting, since you Leocancer63 with your deep and often tumultuous feelings will probably disturb the cool and detachment your friend needs if she is to stay on an even keel. In simple terms, she may ultimately find your emotional energy too much to handle. A short but exciting sexual relationship is the best you can hope for here.

  • thank you captain

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