How to get my cancer man back

  • Hello you all, I came here because I need help. I am the Leo, my man (ex) Cancer. We have been together for five months, everything was going good, few arguments, kind of learned that arguing with a cancer is just pointless, but last week we had a big argument, and instead of talking it through, he did usual ran off, b ut this time he said better to break up (he was mad when he said it). gave him few days to calm down, not mad at me any more, but for now he wants to be friends, because he wants to sort himself out, and he knows how sorry i am and how badly i want him back. By saying being friends every day he contacts me, it is like he punishes me for what i have done, and says he loves me and wants me but cannot get back with me. How to understand it???

  • How to; dont say a word to him...act as a friend..its the bait you will need to get him back..go in FRIEND MODE for now...give him time, space and distance, but keep a slight hold on you understand...let him go with the intensity of you for now...that will keep you very fresh in his mind....dont get impatient and text or call prematuraly...ok ???.....occupy your mind with other thinhgs and BELIEVE that he will return to you....good luck

  • Give him time to sort things out . Both of you need space to cool down this draining process..

    like for instance my ex cancer did same to me.. he loves me but he mentioned he doesn't feel the same anymore but still love me though .. so what does it meant ? I dun understand either so i decided to call it a quit..i let him think over.. and i've no contact him for a week.. deep down i could feel him is thinking of me hard

    actually we human can telepathy each other .. I am trying to block this energy of him.. for i need some peace in my life.

    If he is meant for you then he is .. if not do not force him back ..

    Pointless to pry a crabby shell it was so tightly seal and you can't possibly get a clue of what he wants as he himself also confusing and unsure about it and very draining thus pls give yourself space and stop begin drain by him.. worthless.

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