To All Of You Psychics and Gifted Readers.....

  • I have been on this forum for almost a year now doing some soul searching. The most I can say I accomplished out of the year is getting mentally, and emotionally stronger, maintained weight and gotten deeper into my writing craft and snagged a second job. I recently got a reading from reader (not you Astra Angel) on a thread and I understood it, partly agreed with it but was partly hurt by it-partly because of truths and partly because of misunderstandings. I work pretty hard, extremly giving and can be very hard on myself. Ive been through alot and some of my hurts in the past (no not my ex) has still has some hook on me-Im forced to do self therapy (thats ok) after I have no money for consueling or therapy and I hardly trust anyone to help me because there is alot to therapy to be done.

    I really chasing this film career (And I talk alot here because I have no one to talk to). Its hard but Im ok with it. I really want it and will do anything to get it. I may be impatient but I can deal. Im just hurt when some act like I want to give up and I dont-just anxious. Im leaning towards not going to film school (I come to the conclusion, I cant afford it) so Im going to jump in the film industry.

    Btw Im feel Im giving off scattered energy,for example - I say and feel one thing, a reader get another so in some readings I understand the reading but slightly confused by it.. Alot of you do not know exactly what is going on in my home-it is constantly tense and stressful and I cannot wait to leave so Im really focus on what I can do to leave.

    Here is some of the things that is going on (Im not mad at all of them, it just makes things stressful but in turn keeps me motivated to keep moving)

    My mom and abusive father are back together and live together (and yes he still bothers us)

    I constantly watch after my brothers and sisters (and that interferes with how much time I get to work-I am the oldest)

    I work like crazy lol

    I do not have any type of outings (or very very few-with family members) and havent had any release besides writng at home for a year and now that is being severly limited Im more and more stressed (Writing is not just my release, its my savior and way to eearn money and exposure to my work)

    I have to deal with my dad and my whole family (besides my brothers and sisters) BS And constant disappointments with me and loads of other stress when it comes to them.


    So just think!- I do my best to stay motivated (which I still am) and continue to chase my dream. I may be in the planning-part doing stage ever I can lol-because I do work hard at everything I do-I write even with the little time I have) but I know I can do it. No offense to you all and your readings but they've been helpful. I feel like Im on track, I just know I can give out scattered energy all the time because I'm all over the place.

    Love you all Blmoon, Watergirl18, The Captian, AstraAngel, TwinSoul, PisceanHealer, MedicMom and any and every reader here! Thank you all just wanted to know if you all understand. I do very much appreciate and love your work. I might even try my own hand at cards, readings and such one day-haha just saying lol :))))))))))))))))

    Light light and blessings

  • My posts to you are on Han's thread. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Blmoon and I agree with you about the BOOT lol!

  • Asia we haven't talked but I just read what you posted here. Can I suggest you copy and pase all reading that you gotten and have them together (in one spot) to get the overall message shared with you. You can even print them out to have with you.

    Good luck on your journey. You started and that is the biggest hurdle to take.


    • paste

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