Are we compatible?

  • I am a male born march 4th 1977- Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Aries Venus and she born June 24th 1988- cancer sun, Scorpio moon, gemini Venus.

  • Hey, BrokenheartedPisces. I compared your charts on a compatability site I use, and you have the planets correct, except your moon is in leo and hers is in libra. But your sun and her sun being water signs, your fire and hers air, and your venus fire and hers air are all good signs.

    Here is the breakdown of your planets:

    Him's Sun in Pisces -- Her's Sun in Cancer

    Cancer and Pisces is an affectionate, sensitive couple who will help foster each other's ego. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer but Cancer is an imaginative worker-and together they can turn dreams into reality. Pisces provides romance in Cancer's life, and Cancer is the all-protective lover Pisces needs. Both are emotional, intensely devoted, sensitive to each other's moods. They'll hit it off in the boudoir, for both are responsive sexually. Cancer has to take the lead but Pisces is a very willing, erotic follower. A very harmonious match.

    Square Him Sun / Her Mercury - 04°20'

    This combination may cause serious difficulties communicating effectively. While you both may be wonderful communicators, for some reason you just don't seem to hear what each other is saying. Intellectually, you are likely to have very different outlooks on life. Bossiness, impatience, and a general disdain for the other's thinking may be serious problems as well.

    Square Him Sun / Her Venus - 02°07'

    While there may be a healthy helping of sexual attraction, a long lasting romance, or partnership of any kind will be challenged by this aspect. Sensually, you may make a great pair, but emotionally there is likely to be void that won't be easy to overcome. You just aren't sensitive to the emotional state of the other. It's likely you don't even understand each other's emotional outlook, and if you did it would probably irritate you anyway.

    Conjunction Him Sun / Her Mars - 06°16'

    This is a fiery aspect that can lead to great achievements, wrenching conflicts, or both. As a couple you are likely to raise each other's energy levels and ambitions. You challenge each other to go farther in all arenas of life. Competition between the two of you may be enjoyable and rewarding—as long as it stays friendly. The trick to getting the most out of this aspect is to not allow your rivalry to become hostile. Try to keep in mind that a victory for either of you is in the end likely a victory for both of you. While this conjunction suggests a strong sexual attraction, it doesn't bolster love and affection.

    Sextile Him Moon / Her Moon - 01°44'

    This is very positive influence for those who are seeking a traditional long term relationship. Communication is very good and you are very sensitive to the moods and needs of the other. You help each other bring your personal and shared dreams to life. Your ability to spark each other's imagination ensures that a long term relationship between you two will know very few boring moments.

    Square Him Moon / Her Jupiter - 03°18'

    Overall this can be a very good influence for long term relationships. You enjoy each other's company and have a talent for keeping things light and upbeat even in bad times. When pursuing personal endeavors you encourage each other to succeed, and are always prepared to soothe the other's wounds from challenges that are not going as well as was expected. You do have to be careful not to fall into a pattern of over indulgence. As parents you're likely to be a bit over protective.

    Trine Him Moon / Her Saturn - 00°46'

    While not an indicator of a great romance, the influences of this combination are ideal when addressing life's day to day responsibilities. Knowing that you can rely on each other to get things done creates a healthy sense of security and stability. Overall this is an excellent aspect for long term relationships of any kind.

    Trine Him Moon / Her Uranus - 00°46'

    It is likely there is a strong sexual attraction is your relationship. Your relationship should be lively and full of excitement and adventure. This influence allows you to be all you can be as individuals as well. You love to see one another do well as an individual, and you both love to do succeed as a couple as well. Competition between you two may exist, but it is friendly, fun and unthreatening. Socially you are likely to have a large set of mutual friends who add fun to your relationship too.

    Trine Her Sun / Him Mercury - 00°35'

    This aspect indicates excellent communication between the two of you. You find each other intellectually engaging which helps ensure a long term relationship will not be a journey into the doldrums. You are likely to share many of the same cultural interests, and be eager to learn about the interests you don't currently share. The inherent communication skills associated with this combination and a joint desire to "work things out" should make any challenges that may arise easy to resolve.

    Sextile Him Mercury / Her Saturn - 04°54'

    This intellectually lively aspect indicates a very positive and rare melding of the ability to think in a logically and creatively. As a team you should be able to turn imaginative ideas into solid realities. Because thinking is disciplined, you will rarely chase pipedreams when pursuing goals and dreams. Responsibilities are likely to be distributed fairly and based on who is most adept at what. There may be some competition between you two, but it will be lighthearted, unthreatening and likely to the spark you to take things to heights beyond your expectations. While this influence is not a romantic indicator, it is a very positive combination for relationships of all kinds, and especially favorable to very ambitious couples.

    Sextile Him Mercury / Her Uranus - 04°54'

    Development of a lively, long term friendship that could easily transform into a healthy romance is indicated by this aspect. The key forces behind this influence are creativity and excellent communication. Staying in sync as a couple is easy for you. The creative powers each of you brings to the relationship are enhanced by your union. This is an excellent aspect for long term relationships of all kinds.

    Opposition Her Moon / Him Venus - 04°19'

    A potent romantic and sexual attraction is likely to exist between couples under this aspect. However both sides of the combination tend to be very sensitive emotionally. Unless each of you chooses your words carefully feelings are likely to be hurt unintentionally and misunderstandings may leave one or both of you feeling a bit like a victim. For you part of becoming a successful couple will be learning how to reap the benefits of this aspect without falling prey to its negative qualities.

    Sextile Her Mercury / Him Venus - 03°54'

    This is a very positive aspect that indicates effective communication and a kind, generous spirit in your relationship. Intellectually you go together so well that you seem meant to be together by others. When problems do occur, your powerful, uninhibited communication should help resolve them quickly.

    Trine Him Venus / Her Saturn - 06°49'

    While not an indicator of romance and sexual attraction, this aspect does suggest the development of strong, long lasting friendships and unwavering loyalty. This aspect tends to produce very stable, long lasting relationships. When in a chart favorable to romance, this is a wonderful supporting influence that is ideal for marriages.

    Trine Him Venus / Her Uranus - 06°49'

    A powerful romantic and sexual magnetism is indicated by this aspect. It's possible that your connection is so strong that you "hunger" for each other. You bring out the passion in each other. Often relationships under this influence develop from interests in offbeat, even avant-garde things. As a couple, inhibitions are few or completely absent.

    Trine Her Mercury / Him Mars - 00°18'

    Intellectual compatibility, optimism, and creativity are key products of this aspect. As a team you are very adept at transforming goals and dreams into solid realities. Your intellectual life should be lively and full of pleasant surprises. Lighthearted competition between the two of you will help keep things interesting as well.

    Trine Her Venus / Him Mars - 01°55'

    Sexually and romantically charged, this aspect indicates an emotional connection that can make any marriage bliss. Your attraction for one another is magnetic, passionate, long lasting. Socially you are likely to share the same likes and dislikes in people, which makes creating a circle of friends you both like relatively easy. Trust should be easily established and maintained between you two.

    Sextile Her Mars / Him Jupiter - 04°43'

    This is an action oriented aspect that favors long term relationships. You share many of the same interests and are likely to be very interested in social and/or spiritual issues, which may lead to activism. You're likely to be an adventurous couple who enjoy experiencing the world firsthand.

    Sextile Her Venus / Him Saturn - 04°41'

    This is a wonderful aspect for any type of relationship. A strong sense of shared goals, cooperation, loyalty, and the wiliness to take on responsibility are just a few of the favorable traits indicated by this combination. Relationships will enjoy a stable, harmonious environment under this influence.

    Whats going on that has you questioning your compatibility, if I may ask?

    I wish you good luck and hope it works out in your best interest.

  • thank you so very much for the information. Very kind of you. I asked because after a year and a half of a very tender and wonderful relationship, my girlfriend broke up with me saying she didn't think we were right for each other. Its been really hard on me. I was so in love and devoted to her.just wanted to see if we should be right for each other.

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