Astra Angel- New Questions- insight please when you have a minute...

  • Hi Astra,

    I am starting a new thread since the other one was so personal. I have some questions when you get a chance. I am worried about my work on my dissertation. I am stalling and haven't done much work these last few months. I am frozen in my writing. I have been under a lot of stress but...

    1. Why am I so frozen?

    2. Any insight on how I can get focused?

    3. Will I finish the bulk of the writing before Feb?

    4. Will I defend at the end of next summer? If not, when? Will I be successful with this?

    5. Will I receive my degree by next fall?

    6. Any insight into this lack of self-confidence and how to break from this into being more confident?

    How are you?

    All the best,


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