Astraangel could I have another reading about a relative who is misbehaving

  • AstrAngel,

    The last reading you gave me validated what I felt and confused about and you clarified it. Thanks so much for that. Now I would like to ask what you could say about a cousin of mine who is giving me trouble among relatives and I suspect spreading something that is not true. Why is he doing it? and how would the situation end. Thanks.

  • Hi Tellstar!

    You are welcome... let's take a look at this situation, it sounds unpleasant, ugh!

    The High Priestess - Something intuition related. my first thought is that this cousin is reacting to his own delusions or imagined scenarios and is speaking from that place. Hmm.... let's keep going

    King of Pentacles - it involves a person of means, somehow. Someone in his world who is very secure and materially satisfied has his attention...

    King of Swords - and another king, this man is also in a secure position and he is rather vocal about something, I believe he has the ear of this cousin of yours. And could be part of the reason that your cousin is spreading whatever it is he is saying. I have the sense that this cousin is somewhat of a busybody, and is listening to a lot of gossip. Ugh.

    Two of Wands - someone is trying to make up their mind about something. You are in the picture, in the background, and this choice is asking someone something.

    Ace of Cups - somehow a new love is in this story. Perhaps rumors of a relationship has stirred up some talk, and speculation. There could be jealousy involved...

    The Tower - well, whatever all THAT was is about to come to NAUGHT. You are in a good position, you have nothing to fear. These matters will be swept out to sea, and you will soon not be bothered any more by this cousin. ANd whatever tall tales are being spread.

    Why is he doing it?

    I got the Tower again after reshuffling... so it sounds like he wants to bring you down, for reasons I can't fathom.

    Knight of Pentacles - I think this person this cousin is struggling in life, materially for some reason. He is looking for someone to blame, and for some reason perhaps you are in his mind as a suitable target. It is bizarre. Why would he be placing you in that position? You have done nothing.

    Queen of Pentacles - he sees you as a person of means and for some reason he thinks that only one of you can win. He perceives that it is either you or him, and since he feels left out, he is saying things untrue hoping to bring you down. This will not prosper.

    "No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn" - Isaiah 54:17

    This is a good verse to quote whenever this matter comes back to mind. It will not prosper. We can still LOVE your cousin while condemning the false rumors and what not.

    King of Swords again - whoever this King is, seems to be a part of this circus.

    Three of Pentacles - so again a pentacle so there is something materially related that this group is talking about or planning, something to do with money, finances, security... ugh, what a mess....

    your cousin and whoever this other (man) is this King of Swords sound like Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. Shoot first, ask questions later seems to be their motto.

    The Hanged Man and the Two of Swords

    Now we come to the words for YOU... this matter is actually working in your benefit as you continue to keep faith and trust toward God and Heaven, none of this is going to affect you in the long run. The Hanged Man sees life from a different point of view - and that view is that no matter what is happening that "looks" evil or bad, it will still turn out in his or her best interest! The Hanged Man finds himself hanging upside down because of troubles, (and those troubles can even be rumors and gossip!) and STILL the Hanged Man simply rests, with a nice, big smile on his face. He knows that Heaven ALWAYS has the last word, so he is quiet and calm and so composed. And so very happy deep inside knowing in Whom he has placed his trust.

    This is further amplified by the Two of Swords, so you are in a nice place, where you can simply sit there with your swords drawn up in quiet composure and perfect peace. I would find a park bench by a lake somewhere and sit there and look out across the calm water and then close your eyes and breathe deep, knowing that this is all being taken care of and you have nothing to be concerned about.

    You are loved and Heaven will take care of this for you.

    Love and light,


  • AstraAngel,

    It looks like the gossip either died down. There is silence. My cousin is keeping his mouth shut. His listeners realized his tall tale and have stopped listening. I agree that he is unhappy and might be having economic crisis after a quick divorce, leaving nearly all of his funds to her. He remarried someone who seems to be a "gold digger."

    Thanks for the reading.

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