Misunderstanding with cancer how to get her back

  • am scorpio 21 years old and she is cancer female 25 years old. we easily got in relationship.we had rapport and best times with us.everything was going right.i usually called her as friend. one day we got misunderstanding between us she stopped texting me. i said i got possessive thats why everything happened. later on i spoked she said i cant be ur friend we have age difference that too am staff of u. she said it cant be get in force.u need to realise. how to get back with her.please help me..

  • If she doesn't want to get back together with you, then you have to accept that and move on. I think she was trying to tell you very politely that you weren't mature enought for her. Yes, you Scorpions can be very possessive and find it hard to let go of people, even when you are no longer in a relationship with them.

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