• hi there again this his regarding the stolen laptop.

    Maybe with more info you can try to see more, just received more information about it

    My friend and the police are suspecting that the people involved are young and they are a couple that used to live by his place, he hired this girl to clean his house a while ago, then told her he didnt need her anymore cuse was leaving, so she knew the house and what he had inside it.

    but now they dont live there anymore, only her father does and he have a spider tattoo on his neck.

    He told me that they even ate at his table, they stole a big golden necklace , no picks were taken.

  • I feel there were two men (not that young) involved. I feel the laptop may have been smashed up rather than sold.

  • What can you do with this information anyhow? You cannot approach the police or tell your friend in case it endangers him. Are you hoping he will be grateful for your help?

  • I dont know what i can do yet, just feel i have to help him. And im doing a private investigation on my own. And yes i want him to know that im here for him, not him to be grateful but for him to have shure that his not alone on this one.The laptop is not so important right now, what is important its to find who did this to him, so he can trust people again. Thanks

  • But just finding the culprit(s) doesn't mean your friend will be all trusting again. He was not like that before this and he will not be again until he works through his trust issues with other people.

  • yeah i guess you are right, oh well i do wish to help him, yes he his a very reserved person he never opens himself, sometimes something splits lol.

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