Confused Sag

  • Hi everyone

    I've already made some really big mistakes in friendships, love and with family and i always feel like i'm fighting a batlle inside myself, but I want to learn and grow.

    I'm a Sagittarius and I see part of myself in most things - i love to have fun, i love travelling, experimenting, anything new -I'm really all about the experience. But I also have a Virgo rising. Things have to be organised and co-ordinated, i need to research and find details on things before i can jump into them. Then there's the part of me that frustrates me the most - my Cancer moon. I am unbelievably sensitive, I cry easily, I am almost schizophrenic with my mood swings.

    Anyone have any clues or tips for me?

  • Hi, I'm a Sag too. I understand how you feel.

    My rising sun is in Scorpio and Moon in Capricorn.

    I get confused too, and I always feel like im fighting a battle within myself. It's like the Sag wants to come out but the scorpio is controlling the Sag and the Capricorn in me is controlling the Scorpio!

    What I do is meditate and do yoga to find my inner balance. Some days are better than most. But its very hard to control myself sometimes, so I just retreat to a quiet place until I feel emotionally safe again.

  • Thanks Lovely1206. I'll give yoga a try. But I always find that retreating causes more trouble than it should. I somehow end up with a bigger problem than i started with!

  • FunSag

    I am a Sag, with Virgo Moon and Pisces rising...I to have had a lot of confusion and inner battles. The fun loving freedom sag wants to play, have fun, travel, and searches for excitemtent and to heck with everything else...while the analytical Virgo looks to keep me grounded, have a place and a plan for everthing and the pisces rising feeds into the emotions and my intuition.

    It took me quite a few years to learn tact (majorly important for relationships with anyone)

    It also took me a long time to just embrace all the facets of myself...

    I find that meditation does help some but for me I find that faster paced activities work better..

    Sometimes I take a cardio kickboxing class, or Zumba (arobic/latin dancing combo), go out dancing with the girls, or maybe just go for a hike at the local state park where I can have space, physical activity and a nice scenic view to clear my head...

    Other times reading is a good outlet because it focuses your mind on something else for a time and lets your inner conflict take a rest 🙂 sometimes you just have to get out of your own head!!!

    I wish you well with finding what works for you!

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