What is happening?

  • There is not much that i can say about it but im totally in love with guy and says he has these very strong feelings for me back. We have already been through so much and i just cant gie u on him. Alright the problem is that he says im the onlu one in the world for him. That im the only onethat treats him right. Well like 2 months ag we go together, we were already together but we werent titled as girlfriend and boyfriend. There was another girl and hedidnt tell me about her untill we started dating. So this other girl knows about mme and how i love him, but he sayys to her that he doesnt love me back an we ae just friends. She tells him that she wants to break upbecause she knows hw much i make him happy and that she knows i really love him and he loves me to but he wont let her go. So finaly i go to talk to her myself because he tells me one story and then tells her a completly different one. She says that she is goin ot break up with him and i tell her that i dont want her to. Twisted i know, but he still loved her and i kow he did no matter how many times he told me he didnt. So it turned outthey did break up and me and him were finally official, but that wasnt the end. He gets all sad and then i ask him if he is ok and he says no, and i say well you guys are gonna be friends still right? Then he says right to my face, yea but i wish we were more than that. I act like that didnt affect me at all and say i will talk to you later i love you and bye now we are passed all of that junk onl i had to move away from him. He and i are supposed to talk every single day but i havent heard from him in 2 weeks.

  • Hi AmarieM, I'm very sorry to hear that happened. I know it was painful. You and this other woman have both asked him to make a choice, and he has made one. It's time to start letting him go. I think it's important to remember that pain is not the essence of love. Your longing for him, your yearning, is also not love. Sometimes people go through difficult times involving difficult choices, and in your situation I would ask you to honor your self, esteem your self, and go through the process of releasing him for your own sake. His love is toxic; you deserve more in your life. Spend time with yourself and close friends. If he calls, tell him you're done with someone who doesn't respect you, to please not call you again, and quietly hang up. You need to mourn the situation, and while you're doing that, make sure you spend some time reviewing the relationship. Was it truly satisfying? Or filled with disrespect, dishonesty, and pain? Make sure you do a "No Excuses!" review.

    There is someone else for you. Spend time now doing what you need to do. The sooner you do this, the sooner this person will appear in your life. Hang in there, have faith. : )



  • I'm so sorry but maybe it is for the best concentrate on yourself the best person will show up by the law of attraction; I know it sounds difficult but I highly recommend the book the RULES you can check it out at the library; You are a creature unlike any other, you deserve to be treated like a princess and this guy wasn't doing that... try ignoring him and having fun in your new life. There are lots of fish in the sea.

  • Ahliyah,

    that you for our advice but we solved everything and we are doing really good.

    the only problem we are haveing right now is the distance and how much we see eachother.

    and i told him that if he didnt pay more attention to me and respect me more then i woould leave him.!

    Sister Sunfower,

    i kinda have the same thing to say to you as i did for Ahliyah..

    but he is geting better and we have decided to stay together so i appreciae the advice and i will post again if there are any probalems thank you.

    Thanks both of you,

    Amarie ❤

  • My apologies for misinterpreting your post. : )

  • Ahliyah,

    no no its totally fine i should of explained alitlle more.

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