Help with a scorpio man... reading possibly please?

  • I'm (cancer woman) seeing someone (scorpio man) who wants to be just friends with benefits (seems to be quite the thing to do these days) because he is moving back to his home town after school. He sends the most mixed messages, he acts like he wants more but tells me were just friends on the constant so that i know its nothing more, he's got it drilled in my brain, he can sense that i feel more. but when i tried to end it, he called me and seemed very upset and asked me why i was doing this, i explained once again but by the end of the three hour conversation, he had me convinced to keep seeing him. he says things that confuse me like, "your the only person im seeing right now" and tries to get an answer out of me but i didnt respond because im seeing others. he tries to dig for information about what ive been up to but i keep it on the surface, he knows im seeing others Ive told him but he wants to know more. he's respectful and stops when he can see i dont wanna talk about it, its just, what does it mean when he brings that stuff up? Is he just being a greedy man that wants me all to himself just to leave me? or are there feelings behind this man that he refuses to show? please help

  • He won't show you his true self until you do. Scorpios don't like to share. Don't appreciate secrecy...but won't reveal until you do. As a Cancer shift alot in thought, heart and body and so to a Scorpion male there is nothing sure. I'd say yes his feeling are true...but your couple spirit isn't! good luck


  • couple spirit? what is that? he seems to have a wall up, i don't want to show my true feelings and have him end what we do have, i know im confused but im only confused because he seems to be

  • The Couple Spirit, is built based on love, trust and honor. There is none of that between you too. Yes you like eachother's company and I'm sure the love making is great... but there is more to it. His wall is up and will stay like that with you until you stop over thinking your "relationship" with him. Since you don't want to show your true feelings for fear of will never fully have a true Scorpio's love. Scorpio's need confident people in there lives. Poeple who risk for the sake of true love, therefore, know that this man cares about you...but will not reveal his true love because you are unwilling. I hope you get over your last relationship dear barbara.... you gave too much and now if you continue not giving at all, your heart will stay broken.


  • I have been dating a Scorpio man for a couple of months now. It's going well. We see each other every two weeks when he is in town. Neither of us really wants to be a long-distance relationship, but it just happened. We met at the airport and connected. Now he is acting jealous if I don't respond to emails fast enough...I think he is feeling insecure. Last night he asked me if I love him. I think he loves me, but I don't want to jump in so fast. I agree that he likely needs to see something coming from me to make him believe that what we have is "real". I think it's real, but don't want to be using the "love" word so quickly. I have feelings for him, but there is so much more to learn about each other.

    Barbara, I think you have to just jump in with two feet. Put your heart on the table. It's better to lead with your heart, than let fear be your guide. That's what I am going to do. What the heck! What's the worse that can happen? You get hurt. So what. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off,!!!! We can not fear someone leaving us or a relationship ending. We have to give it or all or nothing at all.

    Thank you ScorpWolf. Your comments have helped me to understand a bit better what my approach should be with my Scorpio man.

  • I dont believe he wants me to tell him anything, even if he does care about me because the other day we had a little argument which i cant clarify what it meant but it wasnt good, he said "hey we should get lunch together today, sneak out of work to get lunch at the same time" and i said," ahh cute" which seemed to be the wrong reaction because he said, " I didnt mean for it to be cute" then since i had no response he said, "I feel like were not on the same page" I told him what he said hurt my feelings cause it was so forward and he said, "were just friends, right?" "why do i feel like were not on the same page here?" then i said, "why do you think that?" then he said, "cause your upset, im just being honest, dont you appreciate my honesty?" and I said "yes i do it just comes out a little too harsh sometimes" and he said he was sorry and that was that. then he showed me lots of affection by holding my hand and kissing it and pulling me closer for cuddling. he was probably just trying to make me feel better is what i thought, how am i supposed to show or tell my true feelings to him when he reacts like that?

  • dancealot2009 - You are very welcome...remember your scorpion is proud in attitude, he will feel more secure if you tell him exactly how you feel. Yes take the risk for your heart deserves a true love...don't ever lie to him though. Scorpios are great detectives!

    barbara2107 - ok, how else is he supposed to react? He knows you see other just friends is the answer, right! He put it in your face, cause that's what you want, but just can't take it...anyhow enjoy what you have with him until.... he will get tired of your emotional insecurity. Just like a cancer...not too sure what you want when it comes to your heart. Scorpios are very affectionate and cancers love that...but you just might miss it once you see that your moods are no match for you. Whatever you put a scorpion through when matters of the heart are part of the issues..he can dish it double time...think about that!


    • no match for him

  • Barbara,

    Scorpwolf requested me to take a look at your story and possibly shed some light next to the assistance she gave to you.

    Let’s cut through the chase. If you don’t want a relationship with him why are you confused? The only reason he could convince you to anything is because you are easy to “push” over. Because you stated in your very first line he wants to be friends with benefits. And on your side you are seeing others so I don’t see the real problem here. This particular guy just want to have a good “friendship” with you for as long it can ever last.

    If you think or remotely are convinced you are in infatuated with this guy you should let him know and see what he says. To him ...your attention is spread so he has no reason to deepen what he might or not might feel for you. He likes you a great deal (simply because he spends time with you) and that’s all what you are going to get out of him for now.

    Feelings wise. You would want him to show his hand yet you don’t hmmmmm... doesn’t seem too fair don’t you think?

    If this all is not what you want I would say ...leave this alone because it wouldn’t be fair for you to come after a while and say that he strung you along and hurt your feelings.


  • so this is all me? the reason he says the things he does is because hes just reflecting what he thinks we are because im seeing other people? He is my number one and i would drop everything for him but it appears he doesnt want me to tell him that. I guess i can put my cards on the table and see what he says but my gut says he will end it, which i guess could be for the better cause then i wont keep torturing myself, thanks for all the advice, wish me luck, Ill let you know the outcome

  • Barbara,

    Listen. I in a relationship can think that my partner wouldn't want me to say this or that because it would hurt his feelings or make him run to the hills. Yet they are my feelings or doubts. If I don't voice them then I am a thief of my own being. This guy didn't exactly tipped toe around you when he talked you into staying in contact with him.

    IF he is your number one as you say he is act as so and tell him that you need him to be on the same page as you are. Understand?

    Because he is in the Friends with Benefit book and you are in the romance in the shade book. Two different story line that sits on the same shelf in the library.

    Now when you talk to him and you feel afterwards everything was overwelming ...write it down. Every single word he told you because within that you will have your answer what he truly feels and wants.

    Read it a day later and then a day or two later. You should be able to take it from there.

    Good luck.

  • and...if he is your number one right now in your heart...drop the others!


  • So what happened????

  • CancerMaria - I feel it went sour.


  • He-he... why be with a man AND hold on to others... 'just in case'? Where is true love in that? Games... nothing else.

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