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  • Dear LOAP, I havent heard from you for a long while..I hope you are doing allright. I will look around for you on here after this note.

    The vacation to mothers with sis was a good one in many ways. Also an eyeopener in others. The Allegheny forest was not as happy as I remember it- there seemed to be a message from the earth that things will never be as they were, peaceful and thriving. Mankind's spirit and activity has invaded the earth to a point that cataclysmic change has to happen. It is a rebirth also.

    Ive just recouperated from a bout the flu upon returning home, something I brought home.

    I ask for your spirit to be consoled and your heart to be healed, if there is need. Please write soon, if just a line to let me know you are okay.

  • Hi Patch,

    Im glad to hear that the holiday went well sorry you have a the flue hope you feel better soon ,

    I sent you an email is it aol you are at ? Thankyou for the healing , i have been going through a karmic lesson reassing my past as to where it has lead me now ,im sort of withdrawn in side myself , thankyou so much for your kind words and for being concerned about me . I will drop in now and then when i get chance .

    Take care

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi!!!!!


    Please send again...I will watch very closely. From Mags....

    So glad you are doing okay. I realize as a young mother you are very busy- just wanted to know that you were okay. Just too much goodness in that beautiful soul not to know.

    Thoughts are with you.

    Im feeling much better thank you.

    Going to see my oldest son and family tomorrow. Justin, Bethanie, her mom Lanie and beautiful granddaughter Natalie. Bethanie makes me feel so welcome...

    I hope you stay well and at peace. I will look for your email.

    Love and peace be with you dear Mags,


  • Hi mags,

    I keep looking for another possible emailfrom luck yet.

    May all be well with you.


  • Hi Chris ,

    Is that defently the right address that i have for you? I just want to confirm it is befreo i send another mail . I hope all is well with you as well

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • aol is my home base...over the's been reliable

    James my you have any impression about him?...he was brought into the world october 12th

    everything is going slowing a bit...My first grandbaby was 1 yr old the 16th. Birthday party is tomorrow..

    I feel so distant from my children at this moment...I have alot of regrets to work through

    But I love them..and my family..and wonderful friends...I am truly blessed.

    Hope this finds you well is your energy?

  • Hi Mags,

    Ive been sorry if I missed you. Hope you remain here in love and sharing your talents and loving energy with others.

    Hoping this finds you well.

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