Astra.. i finally admit it :)

  • So i was asking you for me and this girl and finally told her i like her, actually i didn't write her i didn't plan to do that online but however she knows. She said she is unsure how is she feeling about me, and uh.

    I just wonder how is our friendship/ maybe relationship going from now on. 😮

    thank you 🙂

  • nency

    Well, you did the right thing and I think it is sweet. I would be patient, pray and turn it over to God and let heaven work with the two of you now... it was needed that you told her so good for you that took courage...

    I think its all going to work out

    Currently you are both under Eight of Swords energy which is a temporary hiding place for Her (mostly) to get in touch with herself and see how she feels inside about you in this new way. I see this more a protective measure so that she can decide how to move forward. Nothing to be concerned about.

    Then Two of Wands which is an Action Choice card - this will then occur, where she decides how to respond after she frees herself from that self-imposed eight swords isolation.

    Then back to the Six of Swords however this is a card of movement and a journey so I see this as a good sign that she WILL be crossing over the same shore where you are.

    Then the WORLD card which is completion! Or at least you two are together and on the same page. and then...

    Two of Pentacles - you can begin to dialog about how exactly you want it to work in how you express yourselves to one another. So you see the transition...

    Temporary isolation > Choice to come together ? > She crosses to you > Union > And New choices together

    I see this as something very beautiful in the making. Keep your faith up there in Heaven and like I said pray to God and turn it over to Him, I am praying for you two and I KNOW it will all work out sweetly...

    Bless you Nency, let me know about any more ? you may have


  • thank you so much, i hope it's gonna work out 🙂 i will let you know how it's going

    bless you, you are wonderful person 🙂

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