THECAPTAIN-need help

  • Hi, I need help for to friends:

    1st one its a lady DOB 3/9/77 she was born at 5.55 am in portugal, im very worried with her everything in her life is going backyards, shes even in a shrink, she was thinking on killing herself.

    Need to know what life holds for her, shes a very especial person.

    2nd its a guy DOB 9/9/72 -what will become of his life, especially love one, hes so depressed and in a shrink too i want to help but i dont know what to do

    thank you

  • Is the first birthdate 3rd September or 9th March?

  • Sorry 9th March never know in america the month comes first in portugal is the day, lol

  • Yes, here in Australia the day comes first too.

    The lady friend: she is blessed with tremendous sensitivity and empathy, which can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how long it takes her to see the difference between what are her own feelings and what are everyone else's. Consequently she can feel quite overwhelmed by all the additional emotions at times. It gets much easier once she realizes that all the negativity she is feeling is not all hers. On the plus side, she can pick up extra positivity from others but she will just have to ensure she chooses positive uplifting people to hang around with. There is a lot of information about how to handle being empathic on the internet. Your friend has deep fears of being alone, unsupported, and penniless. She will also have to overcome feelings of being misunderstood (which comes from not revealing herself enough to others) and must develop the necessary worldliness to enable her to share in the larger human experience. Hiding away in her shell or at home is not a protection, it is a prison. She can be blatantly antisocial at times and will have to work hard to allow others into her private world. She can develop some real expertise in the artistic or aesthetic areas if she gets out of herself and, with her gifts of great concentration and depth, she can master a particular field or profession. She has so much to give to others, especially using her gift of empathy to sense how others are feeling in order to help them. Even though she will always require a modicum of time alone, your friend can make a great leader, for she has a fine sense of morals and ethics, as well as the strength to put them into practice. In return for her commitment to social action, the world will reward her with a deep sense of connection to her fellow humans and the necessary nourishment for both her mind and soul. Once she focuses more on others than herself and her problems, stops being so self-reliant (to the point where she doesn't dare accept any good luck or help that is offered to her), and learns to handle being an empath, she will find that she becomes the centre of attention, discovering herself in different and wonderful life situations, surrounded by people who love her and feed her positive energy.

    The man friend: He may have some family and mother issues that need to be resolved and he may go looking for a parent substitute in his relationships, rather than an equal partner. He probably suffers from workaholism as money and ambition are attractive to him, though his orientation is certainly not materialistic. Rather he desires to develop a skill or talent to a high level of mastery. He also wants to find somewhere he can feel safe, protected, cared for and doted on - a place where he feels he truly belongs and can be himself. Because of this need, he can develop emotional dependencies on others. But this safe 'place' he craves is inside him, not in the outer world. By pursuing a goal that excites and energizes him or by finding a set of beliefs or principles that builds his self-respect, he can gain a sense of security and confidence and belonging in any situation in which he finds himself. Gifted with a knack for knowing the right thing to do in almost any circumstance, his high standards and innate moral and ethical sense will stand him in good stead in the world by helping him manifest his talents - provided he does not apply overly unrealistic standards of perfection to himself and others. He is so self-contained and enigmatic that he may not ask for help when he needs it most or give any indication that he is in trouble. He must sacrifice some false pride before he can find the proper guidance and help. Nonethless, he is practical and thoughtful and blessed with all the natural resources to achieve his fondest dreams and ambitions, and if he can recognize that he doesn't have to go it alone, his path to success is assured.

  • Thank you so much.

    you really hit several pointas on these two, yes i also think she empathy already told her that, she absorves a lot of bad energies from others, including mine, i try my best to help her to take her out of the house, cuse shes the most wonderful friend. And she is psyotherapist she helps a lot of people and shes always willing to give, shes a giver. But right now she very worried about her profession cuse she works for other and shes saying that she going to close the place, can you see if everything will be ok on this subject for her i really would love to give her a word of confort, maybe she will relax a bit.

    About the guy, yep is a wonderful person too, but very dependable on the woman he married to, its like you said he looked for a paternal figure in the marriage and not a partner, and shes tired of him because of that, he became obcessive compulsive with her. can you how things are going to work out between them her dob is 18/3/1976.

    Theres another person that is concerning me about for a while is DOB is 22/3/81, i think hes going thrue some hard times personally and in love and he doesnt want to open to me, he is leaving in a shell and i want to help so much but i dont know what i can do. Could you please help.

    I must tell you that I love Australia i so wich i have the money to go there, it have been always my dream to go there, so its a pleasure to meet you. Also my girl friend the one we been talking about was thinking on going there to work, she heard that they need medical people in there.

    thank you much, blessings

  • It's good and appropriate for your lady friend to take a break from helping others now and look after herself, which she has neglected. She must learn how to protect herself from absorbing other people's energy. Going off alone into nature usually revives an empath. When she is ready to work again, she will be refreshed and will find herself very much in demand by clients whether she works alone or for someone else.

    Your friend and his wife; secret dreams, often dormant in this pair for years, can blossom in this relationship which is very good for marriage. When they reveal these dreams to each other, they will be amazed by how similar they are. The miraculous and the unexpected figure prominently here. The relationship focuses on aspirations and visonary thinking, both as a journey and a destination. Though a love relationship here, your friend can by introduced by his partner to a whole world of family realtionships in which he was previously uninterested or else that he felt inadequate to become involved with. On the other hand, both of themrequire a lot of emotional understanding, which is difficult for them to give to each other because they have such different personalities and approaches to life. Perhaps it's also because the focus here is more on outward than on inward shared goals. Marriage will often give both of them the opportunity to work outchildhood hangups, especially those concerned with the disapproval of authority figures and, on the wife's part, of not being listened to by her husband and her need to be financially secure. She is a sensitive, helpful, rather naive dreamer and does have a deep need to be needed, but her husband puts too many demands on her - she wants to be his partner, not his mother. Professional counselling would be a good idea to enable them to work through these past issues and to continue on in a much happier marriage. This pair can be very good at planning or building a new house together, but they must work hard to make it a happy home. They share a longing for dynamic endeavours, but their greatest one may be on their own problems in the marriage. They must stop with the fantasies and be more realistic - they need to sit down and honestly discuss all the things that are bothering them and seek help in resolving them, or else they may face marital disaster. They both must do what is most difficult for them - turn inward to release all the issues they are both carrying around and hurting each other with.

    Your third friend: he suffers from a tendency to become restless and bored with people and situations. Yet his lifepath requires him to knuckle down in order to master a particular skill or talent. But he may have some problems with this, especially when younger or more immature. Normally passionate and straightforward, he may waste his energy in frustration, recklessness, or an insistence on independence. He will have to learn to quell his need for activity and develop the ability to sit still more. Cultivating steady learning habits and mental discipline will aid him in his quest for a higher level of self-realization and transformation. Through quiet study, he will discover the hidden facets of his personality, things about himself that he doesn't know. If he will allow his sense of passion to guide him to an area of learning that will involve him on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, he is more than capable of displaying the kind of heartfelt dedication and persistence that will provide him with a life journey of real personal and spiritual transformation. But he must avoid the trap of retreating from the world and becoming increasingly isolated from it. Pride and ego can be a problem for him as well as rigidity, a shutdown attitude, autocracy, and pedantry. He will rarely be sidetracked from his work or craft, once he becomes attached to it, by too much human interaction. Having one faithful friend, fellow student, or coworker with whom he can share his joys and sorrows is usually all he needs. This preoccupation with his work can be problematic in his love relationships. He may think that all his energy has to be put into making money, as he does love it and all the possessions and comforts it can buy. It's a big motivator for him. If he feels poor, he can never enjoy a moment of peace or prosperity, yet his best creative work will probably be done for love, not money. The truth that his lover or wife will have to accept is that freedom, independence, work, and making money will always come first for this guy, and his love life will be a poor neglected runner-up.

  • Thank you, your readings will shure help me more in finding the best to help them.

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