Cancers and exs

  • I'm a Pisces male and I met the most amazing cancer girl. Hit it off instantly. Lived together for a year and a half. Close as could be, true lovers. folks said we were the perfect couple. Had a few drunken

    arguments near the end, but hadn't fought for several months when she broke up with me. Said she was confused if I was the one because of the fights. She just had graduated college and said she wanted to figure herself out. Several months later I find she is dating someone. We work together and she treats me as a mild acquaintance. I miss her unbeliavably. She has told me we aren't right for each other yet she can't throw me away. How should I treat her? I want her back but she seems so cold and distant. Should I hang in there? Is there hope?

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  • Thank you, it has been very hard. It's an open wound everytime I see her. Her coldness towards me hurts the most. I feel bad ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder, but I guess that's what needs to be done.

  • At this time you need to look after your #1- YOU.

    I promise things will get better as soon as you stop being fixated on getting back with your ex, and begin to focus on yourself. Who knows, maybe someday if she comes back to you, you won't want her back in your life again.

    You still love the girl, don't fool yourself into believing you can be there as a friend. That's heart-wrenching. Be selfish, you deserve it. Do something that is going to enrich your life.

    Good luck 🙂

  • @BrokenHeartedPieces

    My ex is a Pieces man and I'm a Cancer girl. The chemistry between the two is magical, the sextual encouter just seals the deal. Both sigs are emotional and have the ability to fulfil each others fantacy by running away from reality and going to dream land. But the truth of the matter is that we have the ability to emotionally wrack one another. My situation is the opposite of yours. My pieces ex was ignoring me while I longed to fix things with him. In the long run I realised that he can also bring the worst in me. The constant figting Is the real relationship killer and in most cases, you pieces man don’t express your feeling. about it.

    My advice is, let it go if she comes back, embrace her and make things work.

  • Like another said, don't be friends. you can make believe you are doing it because you feel sorry for her but in reality you probably have hope. mistake. ignore and move on. don't pretend that you are ok with the situation.

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