Could someone interpret what I think is an important reading for me please?

  • Hello.

    I've had tarot cards for about 17 years, but not done much with them. Drop in and out of using them.

    I'm at a very critical point in my life, just did a reading which I think I understand... but I'd love someone to tell me who is more knowledgable. PLEASE???

    Let me know if you can and if so, what you want me to do to get the info to you.

    Thanks so much.


  • Hello ecji88,

    I think you could make the process easier by posting the cards you drew here for interpretation.

    such as:

    1. what's going on in my life? -- ACE OF SWORDS.

    Something like that. 🙂

    I will be willing to help you out. Although I'm not the most seasoned tarot reader, I find joy in it, and would be very pleased to help you interpret!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • So my question is to do with what's probably the end of a relationship.

    The cards:

    Present position - The hanged man

    Immediate influence - Two of pentacles

    Goal or destiny - The Fool

    Distant past foundation - Page of swords

    Recent past events - The Magician

    Future influence - Five of rods

    The questioner - The Chariot

    Environmental factors - The Devil

    Inner Emotions - Nine of pentacles

    Final result - The Lovers

    So it's a 10 card spread. Hope that gives you enough but ask any questions you like and thanks ever so ever so much.



  • Hello EC,

    Sorry this took so long. I’ve had a busy day : ) thanks for being patient.

    1. The hanged man – okay, well I don’t know about you, but I think this is a giving a pretty strong vibe here. I’m sensing that In the present position, you are being urged to avoid conflict, sacrifice something, or surrender completely (this especially has to do with divine right. Maybe it’s time you leave this all up to God). Does this have any relation to your current relationship? At this point in time, maybe one, or both of you are considering to just walk away because there is too much tension. I’m also sensing that this might also have to do with certain expectations in the relationship. Do you expect certain things of your partner that are not currently being met, or is it the other way around? This card tells me that whatever you both are feeling or keeping from each other, you need to express it with your significant other, because beating around the bush isn’t getting you both anywhere. I feel as if this is the time for a heart-to-heart conversation. You tell me, is this accurate?

    2. Two of pentacles – when I look at this card, I automatically think “decisions, decisions”. The young man in this picture is weighing out his options, and the possibilities to his current situation. However, I also think that maybe he’s overanalyzing his situation a bit more than he probably should. This also says to me that you might be very busy at this moment in time. Are you dealing with a lot of work related bustle? Something’s on your mind, whether it be work, or your relationship situation. Seems like this card is telling you that your going to have to make a decision sooner than later.

    3. The fool – aww, this is a lovely card to see in this position. You are striving to be this fool, so excited and full of life that you could do almost anything and still find the positively in it! You want to be that person that really ceases the day in it’s entirety. In love, the fool is happy in any way the situation turns out. He always appreciates love, even if it doesn’t work out in his favor…he will just find someone else. Is that what’s on your mind, EC? Maybe this is the situation that you’ve been thinking about recently. Are you worried about getting hurt, or never finding someone else that can satisfy your love like your current partner? The fact that you want to be the fool is a big clue into your situation; it shows that you wish you were less pensive about it, and were more aloof and had fun in this romance, instead of always worrying about it.

    4. The page of swords – the page, or the princess in the past position usually refers to you as you were years ago, as a child, or a young adult. Are you thinking of the past at all? This card also says that maybe in the past you trusted someone who you shouldn’t have, and they pried a bit too much into your life. Has anyone ever gotten in the way of your relationship in the past?

    5. The magician – this card in your recent past (or rather, your relationship’s recent past) says that not too long ago, your relationship was all your wanted it to be and more. But now, you find yourself snapping your fingers wishing for the “magic” to literally come back into your relationship. Am I wrong? However, the magician also urges you to use your skills and powers to rejuvenate this relationship. Only YOU and your partner have the skills to do that.

    6. Five of wands – in the picture, it’s clear that some young men are battling it out, right? Well this card clearly says that your relationship in the near future might be influenced by outside conflict. Is there anyone who’s trying to split you two apart? Is drama and gossip getting in the way of your relationship? This card is a warning: be prepared if sometime soon someone, or something else tries to pick at your relationship.

    7. The chariot – well, you must be the questioner! This card represents you as someone who takes action, and is always on the move (or enjoys traveling!) this also says you are very successful, and find a lot of pride in what you do.

    8. The devil – ooooh, well to me, the devil as an environmental factor says “temptation!” EC, is there anything, or anyone for that matter, that is currently trying to make you do something you know deep down is wrong? Seems like either you, or your partner are really struggling to keep on the path of some sort of journey. However, this card also shows a deep psychical attraction for someone’s significant other. Maybe the environment (or that outfit you’re wearing!) is spicing up your love life? You tell me! ; )

    9. Nine of pentacles – the woman in this picture is obviously happy. She has everything she needs, except for love! Are you feeling the love in your life? This card also reveals that maybe your feelings for your loved one may not be as strong as they were, or as you want them to be. You want the passion to return to you, but you just can’t figure out how to do that. Well, can’t really help you there. Seems as if only you have the answer to that question. But all in all, you seem to be pretty content with your life (besides maybe the love department).

    10. The lovers – wow, this card could not be a more better final outcome for a relationship! This picture clearly shows two lovers who are clearly head-over-heels in love. I’m not too sure what you want from this relationship, but it looks to me like it has the blessings from Heaven! YAY!

    Not too sure if I understood your question correctly. Let me know if I didn’t interpret it right! Again, let me know if I’m at all accurate. I tried! : )


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hmmm.... some bits are right. The situation is that I found out he cheated about 2 months ago. I've been trying to get beyond it because I love him. But it's too much of a betrayal. My dilemma is do I stay (as I am older, want children, wasn't planning to have to go back out and look for someone new and I love him!) or do I give up on him out of self-respect.

    I thought the devil was me knowing the RIGHT thing to do but being tempted to stay in a bad relationship.

    And The Lovers? Given that my question was 'what happens if I split up with him', I'm encouraged to think that I will find the RIGHT person and be happy.

    What do you make of it now that you know all of that?

    And yes, we were very happy until I found out. Thanks! EC

  • EC,

    The cards you pulled are describing your current situation and how you got to this point and that you have a choice to make. The problem is this choice is complicated by your desire to have children.

    When the Chariot shows up as the querent is shows a person struggling with balance and with making a decision....should I do this or that, should I go this way or that way, etc. Your past showing the Page of Swords and Magician shows upsetting news regarding a man who is appearing as the "trickster" which points to the infidelity. The immediate influence of the 2 of pents shows not only this man juggling himself between two women, but in you struggling to determine what to do. The Hanged Man as the present position shows you in limbo and hoping for spiritual insight. The Fool as your goal or destiny is reflecting your desire for children as well as to starting over - starting fresh and taking a leap of faith. The Devil as environmental factors once again points to his infidelity as well as to your struggle over being tied or chained to this man in some way. Future influence shows children being a major focus as well as inner struggle due to outer circumstances. Inner emotions - you know that you deserve better than how this man has treated you and are longing to be a mother. The final result is the just doesn't tell you what your choice will be. If you are struggling with this decision, try pulling cards asking for advice or what your best course of action would be as this spread really just gave you a snapshot of what the situation has been and is at this time.



  • Great, thanks to both of you. It's making more sense.

    But I don't know how to decide. I have decided to let him go but I feel scared.

    I pulled a random card saying 'should I let him go' and it's the King of Rods.

    What on earth does that mean??!

    PS the 'you know you deserve better' comment had me in tears for half an hour! Thank you.

  • You already know what is best for you and are just struggling with the fear of the "unknowns" of your future. The Fool as your goal is what you should focus on. This card symbolizes a new beginning - starting a new journey - with faith, hope and optimism. Do not be afraid that you are making a mistake or that you will not find someone else because you will. The knowing you deserve better comment bringing you to tears is the core of the issue for you. Do not sacrifice your self-respect or settle for less than you deserve because you are afraid you will not have any other opportunities or chances. Change that scarcity thinking into believing in the abundance of the Universe and not only in your ability to attract what you want, but that you are DESERVING of it.

  • I pulled some cards for you as well...

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