Dream Analysis- Can anyone interpret this weird dream?

  • Okay, so lately I've been having so many vivid dreams. From close friends getting married (which isn't true) to fighting a girl that I don't even know over this gemini guy that I like! God knows I don't fight over no man! Lol

    Well last night was the final straw for me! I'm tired of my dreams! Last night I dreamed again of my Gemini friend and he was surrounded by women. I don't know what that means because he doesn't have a girlfriend, but the WEIREDEST PART was that He and I were wearing the same shoes. (blue and white Nikes) What the heck does that mean? We didn't speak to each other in my dream, but I noticed he had the same pair of shoes as me! Does that mean that we are suppose to walk the same path in life?

    Other dream symbols that popped in my dream last night was:

    1. A flying Turtle

    2. A Lion

    3. A princess (little girl princess)

    4. A Red Car

    5. Swimming Pool

    6. Taking a dance class

    What does all this mean? Please help, because I am tired of all these dreams!

  • I think you like your gemini friends alot! the women in the dreams are your fears about him being w other women. How do you feel about these women? jealous? threatened? you need to keep a dream journal and write them down as the meanings may become more evident over time and you will master the ability to anylize the dreams. this is a gift you should use it to your advantage. there are also many free dream dictionaries on-line. Also the fighting girl may represent you fighting your own feeling for him. the shoe part makes me think you need to literally put yourself in his shoes so you can get insight into your relationship. you need to try to view yourself through his eyes and he should prob do the same. look up the animals in a fream dictionary also think if any of the animals have a personal meaning to you. dreams are symbols our self conscious makes from our reality. you are the best interpreter for your own dreams. and water usually represent emotion. clear water means clarity of emotion or spiritualy all is right. murky water usually indicates a problem emotionally or spiritually. good luck. ( :

  • Thank you. Yes me and my Gemini friend are very close spiritually. We've known each other for a little over a year and we've had many ups and downs. He reminds me of a Cancer man. We both care deeply for each other, but have not pursued a relationship yet.

    Lately, my life has been crazy and I have been down. I don't want to be with anyone right night, I just need someone to be here for me. So my dreams have been of him, and I want them to stop!

    One time he came in my dreams and said that he will be there for me and he won't ever leave me. Then about 2 or 3 months ago he beat up some boy in my dream, and he told me that he loved me and will never let me go.....I woke up crying. I'm still trying to figure that dream out!

    How can I stop these dreams? This has not happened in real life, but I can feel that he has strong feelings for me, and he cares about me, but he has been acting real cold lately. We really haven't had a long conversation.....and when I call him, he always calls me back, but tries to rush to get off the phone. He hides his feelings too much, but right now I can't worry about him.

    I spoke to a psychic and they ALL told me that we are soul mates, and that we were meant to be together. I don't know, but sometimes I believe them.

  • I was drawn to your post and wanted to give you my impressions. The 1st thing that struck me is that your fellow has duality. Being Gemini, he is able to have deep relationships with different people in different ways.

    I also got struck with the fact that you had on the same pair of shoes. In Native American culture (Lakota), blue and white are part of the four directions. White stands for South Stage of Life: O'hunkesni / Elder , winter, spirit world, skull, wisdom, and owl. The owl and all of the things that the Lakota used for medicine come from the south. Life comes back from the south; green comes back, all of the flowers, birds, and animals come back. Blue stands for Father Sky. Center, eagle, Wakan Tanka (Great Sprit), place of reverance.

    To go a little further, Owl is the bringer of death (death in many different forms), bringer of dreams, wisdom, shadows, secrecy, omens, magician. He is saying that it is important to pay attention to these signs.

    Eagle is Spirit, trust in your higher self, vision, courage, universality, masculinity. Know that higher self will only give you straightforward, positive, and encouraging support, whereas the ego's voice will tend to be negative and discouraging. (Power animals/ Steven D. Farmer).

    You already have the answers, if you just can still your questions long enough to hear the answers that Spirit whispers in your tummy.

    I have the impression that the two of you wearing the same shoes represents being on a similar path, which may, or may not include romance. The message is "JUST DO IT!" ie...Nike, but it may not be what you are trying to push for. I think that you will need to go slow, listen inside, and find your true desire. I get the feeling that the two of you are being used as healers, however the hardest task for many healers is listening to self, in regards to self. Go within as Turtle does, or he will fly by.

    Lion, is courage, ask for what you want. You must announce your desires, and not expect others to be mind readers. Lion is also ferocity, nobility, dignity, assertiveness.

    Turtle is retreat, stop trying to make something happen. It's time to commune with nature (turtle island) and mother earth. Turtle is also femininity, slowness, toughness, fertility. I get the message that you need to meditate, go slow, and then your plans will be fertile. If not they will go flying out the window. (Flying Turtle) I know that these two sound a little contradictory, but I have the feeling that you need to be clear about your own desires first and are being asked to go within to find those answers.

    I think it is interesting that you have little princess, dancing and swimming, and aspirations of material/ or spiritual travel (car). I think it has direct correlation to him beating up a little boy (the child within?) and at the same time saying "I will not abandon you." Is your self esteem in tact? Do you need to champion yourself? If so, Lion will give you the power to do so, Turtle will give you the introspection, Eagle will give you great spirits voice within, and there is the warning that some old ideas may have to die (Owl). Have you been your own best champion? Get quiet within, center yourself and your intuition will give you the next step.

    I have never done this before in this fashion, but felt compelled by spirit, so I hope it is helpful to you, and good luck. I want to echo that a dream journal may help you to find that inner voice also.

    We are all related,


  • Wow! Thank you sequoiawoman,

    My family is part indian....so maybe thats why you felt compelled by spirit. I will take your advice. i have been meditating a lot lately and that night before I went to sleep I meditated and went deep within myself. I believe that people are put on this earth in a certain lifetime for a reason i.e. Michael Jackson.

    So my point is, do you think him and I are suppose to serve a purpose together on this earth this lifetime? What do you think? Why is he always in my dreams? Why him and not anyone else?

    Sometimes I feel like whatever, it's just a dream, but I keep having dreams. And he is always talking to me.

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