Feeling discouraged

  • After spending years and years getting an education, I cannot find a decent paying job and I feel like it is holding me back. Is this what people go to college and grad school for to only be able to find a job that pays $15 an hour. I CANNOT live on $15 in NYC. Its just so discouraging. I have thought about going back to school to pursue a career in another field, I just don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone know or sense if my situation will change soon?

  • Junglebunny, when someone wants their life to change, they must take action themselves to change it. If you do nothing, life will go on the same frustrating way it has been so far. Either your living situation must change (a cheaper part of town or even another city), or your goal must change (looking for a different job or a different position entirely), or you must change (learning another trade or studying something different or changing your approach to work, thinking outside the box.).

    Ask yourself - what am I looking for? What do I think I am going to find over the next hill or the next or the next? You are thirsty for experience and knowledge, but it gets a bit much when you can't ever be satisfied where you are. It's not that you don't enjoy yourself - you always do. You're curious about everything and may even have a phobia about being thought of as ignorant or stupid. There's actually a lot of defensiveness in your atittude towards education, but you have to overcome any fear you might have about being laughed at for your ideas and thoughts. No one will laugh at you if you can develop your own unique mode of communication and articulate your ideas clearly. Your gifts lie in speaking completely from your truth - selling, writing, teaching, and communication in all forms are your forte and can bring you happiness as well as material success. You are the archetype of the pioneer, the inventor, the artist, the leader, and the networker - highly motivated, generous, naturally buoyant, you have great powers of social persuasion, so stay positive. As your good energy flows, so will your abundance - money for you is just an indicator of the state and health of your energy and creativity. Obstacles, although they annoy you no end, are your fuel. So, if you have to gain more education or training or talk to people who can help you in order to get what you want, do it. Don't get stuck in wanting to stubbornly do everything your own way or thinking your plan is the best one. Be flexible about your life and love and work. Learn to perceive limitations as the illusions they are - freedom is actually only a state of mind.

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