We broke up

  • He was one of my best friends, we used to tell eachother everything and we were very close. We got intimate and started to have feelings for eachother. The only thing is that he has a girlfriend and we both know that we couldn't go on like this. He still wants to be friends I can't be friends anymore, he really wants to try and make it work and go back to where it used to be but thats not going to happen so I ended it today.

    How he feels about us seperating :

    2 of pence / high priestess / 5 of swords

    clarifiers :

    10 of swords / 9 of wands / 5 of cups.

    how he feels about me :

    8 of wands / sun / 2 of cups

    I would love some thoughts on this ...



  • Can someone help me with this reading ?

  • Hey CherryPie

    You slipped through the cracks

    I'll take a shot at this...

    1. How he feels about us separating:

    Two of Pentacles - moving, juggling act, a choice made plus

    High Priestess - this is how he sees you believe, he has a rather exalted feeling about you, so he really wants to keep going with you, and

    the five of swords cuts a change between you and that has left him rather sad.

    2. Clarifiers:

    Ten of Swords - the matter has ended with you both feeling wasted in the aftermath, numb, tired, not sure how to proceed

    Nine of Wands - still hope though its not like the whole situation is hopeless. you have both been in similar situations before and survived. You can survive this one.

    Five of Cups - emotional loss. moving on, some cups turned over, and there is a strong sense of loss that shouldn't have been a loss.

    3. How he feels about me:

    Eight of Wands + Two of Cups - He really, really, really likes you and would love to still see your friendship continue. There is a strong energy here of hope and rescue somehow, like love flying through the air and able to laugh and launch out to something new. He really cares about you.

    So Cherrypie, I think you should reach back to him, there is no reason you can't have a close intimate friendship with him even though he has a girlfriend. Hey, we are all one family when you get right down to it We are all connected on some level. You need to be comfortable though.

    Can I make a suggestion? Contact him and start at least a dialog with him, and begin to talk about why you felt like you had to end the friendship. He would like to hear from you. I actually think you are both on the same page here, its the girlfriend thing that has you stymied. Keep in mind also that "girlfriend" thing is not permanent.

    Knight of Pentacles - it is not going anywhere. I believe he sees you coming into his life and is really hurting to see you run. Stay connected with him, and bide your time, something nice is going to happen between you and him.

    Six of Pentacles - coming up for the two of you - A LOT OF SHARING! It's all going to work out - yay!

    Lift up your hands and rejoice! Your friendship is just beginning...

    love, astra

    (photo of Statue outside pergamon museum in Berlin courtesy of morguefile)

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