To the Captain....IRS letter, Please Help!

  • Hi Captain,

    I recieved a letter from the IRS today, stating that we owed $27,000.00 dollars in unpaid taxes for the 2009 year. We have a bookkeeper for our business as well as our personal. Could their be some mistake, we really don't have that kind of money. Would you please tell me what you see happening with this matter, Really worried. Sincerely, Thank you!

  • Have you asked your bookkeeper about it?

  • Called and faxed paper work over today, no response yet. Hopefully this is just an error on paper.

    I am thinking that it was a bad misprint in numbers, I hope that this is true, for our sakes.

    Thank you for your fast reply!

  • Well, the IRS will surely realize that it is not you but your bookkeeper who is at fault, if indeed a mistake has been made.

  • I can't thank you enough for your insight. I think I can sleep better tonight knowing that you have told me this. I am so greatfull to you! Less worried.

    You answered a guestion for me not long ago, about this man that wanted to reconnect with me, You were so right, He sought me out in a grocery store this past week, The first thing that came out of his mouth was.. Can I have a hug,.you look so good, can I call you or can you call me, and when can I see you again. . And wanted to know if we could meet somewhere. He's married and I am wondering if his wife has any doughts about his loyalties

    Did this man have any feelings for me at all, or was I just another, as someone put this....He was Sport! I would really like to expose him and his behavior, but I don't know how to put this out there. Thanks again.

  • Don't have anything to do with this man - he is just a player, wanting to have his cake (a home and family) and eat it too (mistresses). He has tried this stunt with many many other women. This doesn't reflect on your own appeal, just on his bad behaviour and morals.

  • You would of course have to ask yourself why you attract such a philanderer. Often the energy we give out draws in people of similar energy.

  • You were correct again, I think that I attract this type of preditor, because of wanting to feel attractive, youthful and just the attention, something that I don't get from home but, yet this person takes advantage of your insecurities and uses this to feed on his own desires.

    Maybe somehow he will be caught at his own game! Thank you again, You are so kind to reply!

  • You know, you can get love and attention just by being your own best friend. Any need you try to satisfy in the outer world reflects an issue that needs to be resolved inside you. Why don't you feel attractive or youthful? It's not really because your husband doesn't give you the attention you crave (although I'm sure that hurts) - it's because something is broken inside you - your self-image - and needs fixing. Your opinion of yourself is so low that people can take easy advantage of you. You really need to build up your self-respect by changing the things that need to be changed in your marriage before all your willpower is gone.

  • I really do have a low self-esteem of myself, I don't take compliments very well either. I don't know why I am like this, I value other people's opinions, but when it comes to criticism it bothers me. You have a wonderful way with words, I will definantly start working on my inner self. Thank you once again, I wish that I could do something for you, for talking to me.

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

    Most people's identity problems go back to childhood when they were made to feel inferior or unworthy in some way by those around them.

  • I think you are so right about that, I was brought up very shy and scared to speak to anyone, if I wanted something from a store, I would get my sister to go and pay for me. My brother's would always tell me that I was ugly and belittle me. They would say that they were just kidding. But as a little girl growing up, I carried those words into my adult years, wondering how people saw me. I always wanted to do better for myself from the way that I brought up, (nice home, car, etc.)

    My Mom would always put me down and say that I was getting up from my upbringing. So, basically, the more I think about what you said, this is exactly where the root of all of my insecurities have came from. I had parents that never showed any affection toward us, Maybe this is why I am drawn to these preditors. You have opened my eyes to so many things, you are like the girlfriend that I never had! Can't thank you enough!!

  • You should tell your brothers and Mom (tell her in a letter or words even if she has passed on) how they made you feel - there is still a little girl inside you who is hurting from their cruelty. You need to see they are now sorry (well, hopefully they are.).

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