Some insight and help please?

  • Hi everyone :),

    This is my first post on this forum. I do not know much about astrology but I'm trying to learn.I'm 19 years old, almost 20. But I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I know I am very young, but I haven't even had one. People around me are in long term relationships, some are engaged, and some always seem to be in a new relationship.I feel left behind, and sometimes a little lonely about this.Why haven't I been able to find someone? I wonder if I somehow push men away from me. With no romantic relationships after the first 20 years of my life, I wonder if I'll ever be able to find the one. Any insight into my situation would be very helpful. These are my birth details if it helps: Nov-28-1991, Queens, New York, 6:02 AM. If you can give me a reading, or some insight thank you so, so, so much! Have a good day everyone 🙂

  • According to your astrological profile, you may be holding back from relationships due to fears of rejection, abandonment, and/or humiliation. Or you may just value your freedom and independence more than you value a committed relationship. You must honour your eccentricities and needs, even if it makes you different from other people, because your unique abilities and thoughts are your assets, not your liabilities. You are a creative passionate individual so be proud of that. Don't compare your life to anyone else's. Your life is uniquely yours and what works for others may not work for you. Be brave enough to march to the beat of your own drummer. Find out what makes you truly happy inside and go after it, regardless of what your friends are doing, and regardless of whether it's a person, a career, a lifestyle, or a set of values and beliefs. It's really the only way to be truly satisfied and fulfilled.

    Some early repression may set you back in your search for independence or tie you down from time to time in old patterns or a need to please, but it's unlikely that you will suffer fools gladly for very long. Start your new approach by liking yourself and as you radiate self-confidence and happiness with who you uniquely are (rather than trying to copy others' lives and ways), you will find many people will be drawn to your positive vibes. And what you are looking for may not even be a special person at all, but a place where you can feel safe to be yourself, an environment where you feel loved and free to express yourself any way you want. You can create that place inside you - there's no need to depend on anyone else to provide it for you - by pursuing a goal that energizes and excites you or by finding a set of ideals/principles that builds your self-respect. This will help you develop feelings of security, of belonging, and of being worthy in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

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