Astra Angel - could you please do a reading for me?

  • Hi ellyk18

    Sure thing, let's take a peek at your life!

    I put together a little nine card spread to address the three areas of concern: love, career and a move back home.


    1. Where you are - The Queen of Cups - I can tell you are really, really longing for love. This queen is looking into her cup very wistfully and is saying, "okay, I have done all the right thing.. WHERE is he? You are having a bit of a hard time dealing with it.

    A ship appears on the horizon behind you. Sailors on shore leave. Time to pick and choose carefully.

    TWO guys coming in to your life - signified by

    2. THE HIEROPHANT - guy #1 - this dude will be a spiritual guy, quiet and a little shy. You will be really taken by him although he will be a little mysterious to you. You will find yourself really drawn to him anyway, like moth to a flame. It will take time to reach inside his heart and find out where he lives. He will adore you, and he could be a religious type. Good character, not exactly Tom Cruise however he won't be a tom cat either. Once he connects with you, he will be very devoted. Will treat you like a lady and will be very sweet.

    3. THE EMPEROR - guy #2 - this dude is more a hunk - a guy with whom you will share an immediate more physical attraction. He seems to be more of a man of means, and you will like that part for sure. His heart will not be easy to crack though, so you will find more work ahead with him. Of course that will be made up for in other ways, you will both like to play around.

    So prepare for some choices in love. Follow your heart. All else fails flip a coin and go with Tails.


    1. Six of Wands - whatever path you have been on in career has not exactly been a bed of roses. High hopes and you were well prepared - so where is the money? You were not one to give up though, you are the kind of person who does not throw in the towel easily. Still, it has become a drag waiting and wondering and filling out one app after another. How many different ways can they ask the same thing! Maybe... time for a change and you need more than change, you need some crisp bills...

    2. Knight of Swords - Time for a move to another field is what I am seeing. And once you decide you will be off an galloping away in no time! Your announcement will come as a bit of a shock to those who know you - fortunately you aren't working for them. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and look for a ways to use your connections.

    3. Page of Wands - This is where you land, something a lot more peaceful than what you are used to. I see white and and the fields have changes to something with a little higher perspective. So you will be landing a new job that is a fresh clean start for you, something that you can relax with. Consider the options now before you and go with what feels RIGHT, not what feels SUCCESS. You are at a point where you don't need success you need RIGHT and your heart at peace in your work. Do what you love, and the money will follow. The good news is that the money will follow and it will come easy. Not a struggle. Your have a lovely wreath in your hair here. it will be a career where you feel crowned with respect, not crammed with neglect. No stuffed shirts and corporate meetings that have you nodding off to sleep.

    VP: "Hey, Elaine... wake up!"

    YOU: "Oh.. sorry... must have dozed there for a moment..."

    You stretch your arms up in the air, and give a big yawn...

    The VP is now glaring at you, and the rest of the board is sitting around looking at you, and it is a very awkward moment.

    VP: "You were going to show the powerpoint of profit decline and what we can do about it, remember?"

    YOU: " Oh yeah... um... hang on... "

    You start pecking away on your laptop, clicky click... your face looks a little nervous... another yawn escapes from your mouth...

    YOU: "um... I can't seem to find that powerpoint.. can I go back to my desk and search?"

    VP: "Elaine, why don't you take the rest of the day off and decide whether you really want to work for Acme Conglomerate - or not!"

    The VP slams his briefcase shut and announces to the rest of the executives in the room... all men...

    VP: "Gentlemen, I do apologize for our associate's failure (he steals a glance your way and glares and waits to make sure you see his face) to provide the report on profit decline and what can be done... I will follow up with each of you with my OWN report (at this he looks your way with a another glare...) and we will make sure that your financials show the earnings that you each are expecting. Please be patient with us gentlemen, I am sure AC INC will be able to come up with the money somehow to catch up in our back payments to each of your respective lending institutions.

    Meanwhile you have gathered up your things, and saunter by the VP and you say in a whisper...

    YOU: "Bob, I am so sorry I couldn't locate that powerpoint... thanks for giving me the rest of the day off to seriously think about my future here. I will go home and think hard about it!"

    You then walk out of the meeting and make a bee line for your 1986 Blue Toyota Tercel and flop into the seat, and drive away... you pop open your cell... speed dial #67


    YOU: "Hey Ron (The Emperor), what are you doing this afternoon? I have the rest of the day off."

    RON: "Hey... that's awesome baby... come on over, we'll figure something out... I was just starting to make some omelets, and funny.. was thinking about you... I miss you... last night was so... special for me..."

    YOU: "Hey that's wonderful, I'll be there in ten minutes... and... yeah.. last night was... nice... I woke up a little groggy though, we were sure up late! Good thing I have an understanding boss! Ha ha..."

    You reach over in the glove box and pull out your shades and slip them on while accelerating on to the freeway... with a nice, big smile on your face...

    Yeah Elaine... I think its time for a change of venue work wise... 🙂


    1. The Knight of Pentacles - this knight is definitely on the prowl for a change of scenery and new living situation. I have the sense that "back home" is not the only option up for consideration... you are having to weigh a lot of options, and you are being VERY careful about this. Where you live is very important to you!

    2. Seven of Wands - the home situaiton? Ugh.. not exactly your highest and brightest dream. This card shows you in kind of a encircled wall of wands, and you have kind of a disgusted look on your face. Like, ugh... back here again. You also have a wand in your hand just in case something jumps out at you from the kitchen and you can knock it back... something here doesn't feel exactly right. Is this something you really want to do? Can't decide? I would floip a coin, Heads, you stay away, tails you stay away.

    3. Nine of Pentacles - this is where you really belong - you are in a nice garden setting and you are looking very comfortable and relaxed. Daises... You have a view from this place that you didn't have from your home. This setting isn't perfect however at least it lets your hair down and be yourself. There is a raven near you talking to you... he seems to be whispering something... "Elaine, I have to hand it to you! I like this place!" You are very quiet and at peace, and you are thinking about love, and you are at peace with everything, and everyone in the Universe.

    Right about then... your cell rings... the Raven flies off...

    Oh, it's Chuck the Hierophant!

    YOU: "Hey Chuck! What's up!?

    You start watering some of your plant while walking around on your terrace...

    CHUCK: "Not much, hey Elaine I was just praying for you... and I had drawn a card for you today and felt like I should call you....

    YOU: "Oh hey, that's really sweet Chuck.. what card?

    CHUCK: "The Lovers card. Say... can I swing by, are you busy?"

    Now you have moved over to the lily plants... and keep watering...

    YOU: "Oh that sounds nice... I would love to see you. I would like to hear what you see in that card for me...!"

    CHUCK: "I will there in a flash...."

    Decisions, decisions... that is what I see coming for you Elaine. And the nice thing is, they are all taking your life in some beautiful new directions....

    Blessings, and love to you


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