• QUESTION WAS- Will we get married?

    The tarot is Marseilles

    Hight Priestess




    conclusion- Hierophant

  • First and foremost your reading is calling for patience. Get the feeling this is something that is hoped for, been planning for it. The cards are saying that decisions here will be final and life changing. I see you as the Empress. Examine your reasons for marriage. I'm getting don't put the horse before the cart,also. I'm also getting that you think highly of your BF/GF? There's some differences in personalities here. I'm getting carefree and analytical or serious. If you can come together with these differences and not make any rash decisions things will be better. Remember this is marriage your considering. Have feeling your caught up in planning or pomp of the celebration. Again, I'm getting 2 different personalities. Cards are harmonious.

  • Thank for replying. the reading i felt was:

    A woman caught up in a marriage

    The charriot saying that she will take the reins of her life, a trip

    the empress an old lover coming back, being reunite with the one she loves

    judgement- all they went thrue to be together and a total conection between eachother, peace with the past

    but hierophant was the problem but when i look at the card got the feeling that was related to all that spiritual, like a church, man she can count

    but yes i received the same feelings about patience, cuse this is really to take a long time, and yes the personalities are different bu very alike.

    but again when we put cards for ourselfs is always doutbfull especially when we are so confused and nervous and when everything is not forseeing any of this.

    can you draw me your own cards? my question is will we be together in a long term relationship,do we have a future?

    thank you again Daliolite

  • Yes, I'll draw some cards, probably have it going by tomorrow.

  • Thank you much

  • Good morning!...Your reading is saying that you have a lot of creative/feminine energy. There are no rigid definitions--this is a lesson to be learned here. Career using this creative/feminine energy that you may not realize. Your reading speaks a lot of money and importance in your life. I feel there is impulsiveness and the need for re-direction. Your ideas now are focused on one goal--is that marriage. Your seeking a conclusion to your ideas. Something is making you feel this way. I sense a strong family (in past) influence. I see a lot of nurturing in your past perhaps mother. Find your purpose thru this change of events--that's the message here. You need/or will find value of money thru your life process. You can see that building a strong family unit is the foundation of success. There are a few issues within yourself that need work. Your feel like you're at a juncture here when actually there will be more decisions of this sort. Feel this relationship will not turn into marriage. Family is important to you. Career wise happiest in creative/commercial business--your reading is reminding you of this. I feel you are afraid of being alone. With all your energy, don't feel this way. I feel decisions your facing/feeling are permanent--just don't see it turning into marriage. You are a committed person. You'll be successful when you realize your potential. I get money issues. Don't be subordinate to money. Don't let it control you. Don't know anything about friend's personality. My readings are intended towards the individual person (you). Hope this helps. Let me know if it rings true.

  • Good afternoon, 1st thank you for your reading, you hit some points

    My idea is set on the marriage thing for just one reason, its cuse i want to get a divorce but im very attached to my husband family and the man in question is someone that i fell in love, thats why i was asking about marriage, just to have an idea if its worthy to wait for him.

    Its not a mother but a aunt that raise me as her daughter, she have a strong influence in my life.

    Yes my job is very important to me, money issues are a problem, cuse i will have to support myself alone.

    And yes Im going thrue a lot of changes especially emotional, finally found my old me, the happier me.

    At his moment Im very confused about this man i fell in love with, cuse i know he loves me but i feel he doesnt want to commit, neither am i so soon, but i do wish we could have a chance, cuse deep down i feel his the one, thats why i did the question.

  • Loss was in your near future. With the 8 of rods above the situation, I feel you are alone in the marriage ideas mainly because it's over your present situation (what you're mainly asking.) Maybe a loss of both. In the You position, you are feeling submissive (I guess) to your husband because of money. I would suggest that you look towards advancement thru work, if possible. My hope is that my readings show and create the potential in the individual. You are a very creative individual that can succeed. My advice is to take your aunt's advice or opinion. You are actually a reflection of her. Your battle is feeling alone in all of this.


    present--Wheel of Fortune

    above--8 of rods


    future--5 of cups

    queen of rods

    past--10 coins

    queen of cups

    You--6 of coins

    environ--ace of coins

    hopes and fears--4 of swords

    outcome--page of coins

  • Looks like Im in trouble, oh well we have to accept what life bring us. My aunts advice is to stay married and as you can see Im not happy. tks

  • I knew that would be a response from her. I think your reading is calling for her response.

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