Deam Analysis-Has anyone been having weird dreams lately?

  • Okay, so lately I've been having so many vivid dreams. From close friends getting married (which isn't true) to fighting a girl that I don't even know over this gemini guy that I like! God knows I don't fight over no man! Lol

    Well last night was the final straw for me! I'm tired of my dreams! Last night I dreamed again of my Gemini friend and he was surrounded by women. I don't know what that means because he doesn't have a girlfriend, but the WEIREDEST PART was that He and I were wearing the same shoes. (blue and white Nikes) What the heck does that mean? We didn't speak to each other in my dream, but I noticed he had the same pair of shoes as me! Does that mean that we are suppose to walk the same path in life?

    Other dream symbols that popped in my dream last night was:

    1. A flying Turtle

    2. A Lion

    3. A princess (little girl princess)

    4. A Red Car

    5. Swimming Pool

    6. Taking a dance class

    What does all this mean? Please help, because I am tired of all these dreams!

  • Lovely,

    I cannot say what each symbol in your dream means, but know that dreams can be confusing, overwhelming, and a bit strange. But buried within them is wealth of information, I would recommend starting dream journal. I keep one by my bedside and refer to it often. I also use many tools (internet, books, intuition) to help decipher the ones that stick out in my head. It helps tremendously.

    This Gemini friend is someone that you have feelings for? Being surrounded by women may just be that he is very chatty, sociable, or very likeable. Gemini's are typically social butterflies--unless they have a watery moon or rising. You may see him as this type of person or there may be something going on that you are not admitting. Perhaps you are afraid of him selecting someone else. Without much information on your involvement with him, it is difficult to say exactly what it means. Looking inside yourself will certainly help figure this out.

    The same shoes element is very interesting. Shoes represent your level of being grounded, your foundation, your beliefs, and in a way your self-esteem. It is your support. Perhaps the shoes were meant to represent that there is something similar between you that provides you some sort of comfort. Your beliefs are the same, your foundation/starting off point is the same, or that in some way he has given you a new perspective. Again, without much information on the level of involvement of the Gemini guy, I cannot say for certain what this means.

    A flying turtle: perhaps you feel sluggish in a way, hoping to find wings.

    Lion: pride, family, strength, loyality. Was the lion angry, eating, sleeping? What was the lion doing in your dream?

    A little girl princess: essence of youth, childhood hopes and dream? Was she singing, dancing, or throwing a fit? LOL

    Car: were you driving, in the passenger seat, or seeing the car pass by? Red is life and vitality, If you were driving, I would assume that you have passion or are searching for something to follow. If you were in the passenger seat or the backseat, you may feel like someone else is in control.

    Swimming pool: Were you in the pool? Looking down at it? Water signifies emotions...

    Dance class: Did you actively participate or just an on-looker? Dancing, obviously, signifies celebration of some sort. If you participated, then you are celebrating some inner resolution or triumph..perhaps something has happened that you were celebrating or feeling happy about. If you were an on-looker, perhaps there is something holding you back, or just on the brink of bringing to a closure. Again, it depends on the elements surrounding each symbol what they mean.

    I hope this helps.

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