How is it possible I keep pulling the same card from different decks and people?

  • Every reading different sites, different decks different questions different people the same card comes up each time. The Hanged Man....mostly up right I have sacrificed everything I don't know what else to do. It keeps coming in the situation position which means I need to figure it out before I can move on. I need help here I'm literally living on nothing we don't have money oil, food a car....some one help me.

  • The Hanged Man doesn't always mean sacrifice - it's more about acceptance versus resistance to things beyond our control. In the situation position it is reflecting your feelings of hopelessness or not having any control over the situation and seeking spiritual guidance or intervention. It speaks to being in limbo or in suspension and that there is a lesson to be learned from the circumstances - an adjustment taking place. The main message is to Let go and Let God.

    What I am getting for you is to try to calm yourself - still your unruly thoughts. Your anxiety is completely understandable, but does not help you as it produces more negative energy about you. Things will get better, but as a result of rekindling your hope - having faith - and in refusing to be overcome. Just take the daily action steps that you can - take charge of and assume accountability for that which you can control - and then release it. Ask for assistance from wherever and whomever you can - all the church images I am getting for you could also be telling you to seek assistance from a church. Last, but not least, I am getting to have faith and hope - stop thinking of things as disastrous - because a new beginning for you relative to work is on its way.



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