Help with this reading Watergirl18

  • In a bit of turmoil at present. Did a reading for myself. I'm curious do you get a possible love interest...

    present--high priestess

    above--5 of cups

    below--wheel of fortune

    past--ace of swords

    recent past--6 of cups

    future--4 of rods


    you--king of rods


    hopes and fears--page of cups

    outcome--queen of swords

  • ps--thanks!

  • You have just completed a cycle and are now in that inbetween phase - the waiting period where "gestation" occurs. The message is to enjoy the hiatus - do things that please you and bring you joy and do not get too wound up in thinking about or being anxious about the future. A new relationship (or that old one?) is your hopes and fears, but the Queen of Swords shows you will be spending a bit of time alone. This is not a sad time alone - it's a time of growing into your own strength and power. Relax and just be -- enjoy the here and now moments.

  • Thanks!

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