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  • Hey LIfer,

    How are you?

    Thanks for your question... let's take a look...

    Hello AstraAngel,

    Could you please pull some cards for me and my separated husband? Me-DOB-3/17/58. Husband-DOB-7/31/59. We are still legally married but he lives in another country. Will we reconcile, and if so, when? What can I do to move things along?

    Thank you.


    The Emperor - he has walls... something happened between the two of you and he put "shields up" and ran.

    Ten of Pentacles and the Ten of Swords - he is totally immobilized. His feeling life is very numb and you are having trouble reaching him emotionally. The physical distance reflects the distance between you emotionally. He has placed himself in this place to get in touch with himself. He felt smothered in some way. This time was for him.

    Three of Wands - you are both trying to figure out what to do next mostly you, he is incapable of action...

    Five of Swords - you are very torn mentally over the situation, you are considering some options, how to bridge the waters between you. A lot of tears.

    You really love this man.

    Queen of Cups, you would do anything for him.

    Five of Pentacles - the physical distance only makes matters worse.

    Three of Pentacles - you are considering flying out to see him

    Seven of Cups, you want so much to bring him options to consider, moving forward. You are ready to offer him about any version of love that would help him and show him that you really care.

    Six of Wands - This is a good sign. Tells me that you can expect good things to happen with him as long as you are willing to hang in there with him.

    The High Priestess - follow your intuition

    Four of Pentacles - Something new is wanting to be established - a new foundation in the relationship, it will be different than what it was before.

    How will it be different? The STAR - founded in hopes, dreams, you are dreamers, and that is part of the solution. What are you dreaming? What were you dreaming with him? Something ended the dreams and then the relationship foundered.

    you are trying to return to a place of dreams.

    Seven of Swords - stealing away is what I am getting, what dreams did you two used to have that made you want to adventure together, discover new places together. Was it travel? Something that you shared together got lost... and you are trying to bring that back.

    Five of Wands - something interfered with those early plans, and life became more about winning arguments than winning hearts.

    The magician - recapture the early magic by travel is what I am getting.

    Can you fly out to pay him a surprise-surprise visit?

    (ding dong... door opens...)

    Oh, hey... LIfer! What the heck...!

    (you smiling real pretty)

    Hey Bob. How are you?

    "uh... okay... what the... you flew out, i didn't know you were..."

    Can I come in?

    "oh sure come on in... god, its good to see you...I..."

    good to see you too.. oh hey, these are for you...

    (you bring out some flowers that you had hiding behind you back...)

    "wow... thanks... beautiful... i can't believe you came all the way out... like this..."

    yeah, I was bored... decided to see what you are doing in Germany these days...

    "um.. just working... so you just decided to fly out?... uh... how was your flight?"

    it was ...nice... spent it thinking about you... and doing some writing...

    (you reach out your left hand ...really slow, and bring it up to his cheek... and caress him... slow. moving down...)

    i miss you... all i wanted to do was come out and tell you that.... my flight back leaves in two hours... i hope you are doing okay... here is a letter for you...

    (you reach inside your purse and pull out a lovely envelope with a wax seal on it and lay it on the table by you... )

    hey, my cab is waiting outside... i have to go, its 45 minutes to the airport... you look like you are doing okay... nice to see you Bob.

    (and at this you lean into him and kiss him as passionately as you can on his lips... you pull back from him... and smile this really knowing smile...

    "you take care of yourself Bob... "

    and with that you walk out the front door with him walking behind you... and start walking back to the cab which has been waiting for you after dropping you off. You reach into your purse and pull out your sunglasses... you stop walking and turn around him. You slowly put the sunglasses on and say to him, while looking up at the sun...

    "is it just me Bob, or is the sun brighter over here?"

    Then you turn and slip back into the cab, and tell the driver, a middle eastern man with a turban... "airport please..."

    The cab drives slowly away, and Bob is standing in his pajamas, on the front sidewalk to his house... his mouth hanging open... and some roses in one hand...

    camera pulls in on him close, the last we see is Bob whispering... "what the f---?"


    I think the message is GET CREATIVE with him Lifer.

    love, astra

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Wow! Thanks so very much....So many truths husband began traveling for business at the same time we had a baby. So he travel around the world while I worked and took care of our child. Our relationship became very strained as he would be gone for a month at a time. I felt he was leaving me with all the home and childcare duties. At the time he left for another country, he was traveling almost exculsively to the middle east, where he soon found another woman.

    He saw the middle east as a place fo hopes and dreams.

    As it stands now, we have little money but I am thinking of flying him back to the States for the winter holidays. I am hoping we can build a "future" and believe this can be aided with a marriage counselor.

    Much appreciation.


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