How will I know?

  • Hello,

    I've had a few failed relationships. I've been told by a few psychics that I will meet someone and have a serious relationship by the end of this year. Men approach me all the time and shortly after getting to know them, I find out they are married, engaged, or just simply showing me that their words and actions don't match. If there is a good man in my near future, can you tell me what he will be like and when to expect him so that I know its him? A description would be nice too. Thanks sooo much in advance.



  • He's Italian not to tall. Works for the state. He doesnt like techy women who are into their phones and just their computers. LIkes well rounded women...maybe you read books, maybe you like attending different things once a year like the ballet or the symphony.Buy a new bed spread before December and you will be happy. Maybe some new throws too. Dont forget to clean your tubby! ha ha just kiddin i know you tub is clean. Scrub those feet with a loofa! Tell him he's boring and he'll end it. NEVER! Good luck with your endeavors you still have some boy toys coming up soon.

  • Lol...was that a joke?

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