Anyone please help-stolen things

  • Im already having answers on this topic, but i feel i need all the help I can have, cuse thank God theres a lot of good persons in this forum that can help me.

    So my friend was stolen he lives in a portuguese island his house its set next to the ocena a 2 storie house with red wooden windows and shades, he always leaves his car outside, he lives in a kind of hill at the top theres a bar were all the fishermans go, at the bottom theres a pier were they can fish and swim and a walking pedestrian road form his porch we have a beautiful view of all of this. So last sunday night someone broke in to his house they broke the kitchen window glass to get to the door latch, they got in didnt break anything, but they stole everything that belonged to him, im saying them cuse he had a big Tv, they stole: a blueray,laptop,tv,sneakers,food,sodas liquo... But the weirdest thing his they didnt steal anything that belongs to the house cuse its a rented house especially appliances. He works at a firestation,his very private about his life, he have always the same work schedulle but in that night some how he change it so its someone that was watching him. and im also thinking that its someone that knows his going to leave the island this Nov. so he wont have time to find his stuff cuse by now he was going to start shipping his things to america.


  • I feel it's someone familiar to the area, maybe knew someone who lived there before. This is also someone local. Check w/police for local roberies. This may sound strange but I'm getting students. Either college students or HS. Is there a college nearby.

  • Hey Dal,

    I said the same colledge students I see them taking a big screen tv and im seeing them from the waist down both are wearing jeans and sneakers .

  • Any of you can try to see if they live in the area, its cuse theres no college nearby unless for kids under 8 years old. THANK YOU BOTH

  • Hi there,

    I have lost my wedding ring which was very special to me. It had gone missing from home since last one month. Have tried anywhere and everywhere, not sure how it had gone just missing. Anyone who can look into my problem or maybe help as to where it might have gone. Even if I know that it has been stolen I would be at a lil peace and will not keep searching for it everytime I remember it. It is so bad to lose your wedding ring.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Below is the image of the ring if it helps. Round one is the one which had gone missing.



  • Hi guys

    I just received more info on that robbery need all the help i can so i can start investigating cuse the police have a pretty sure idea that this persons were the authors of the robbery.

    So it seems that the robbery was commited by his cleaning lady that used to live by his house he got pitty on her and hired her to clean the house, so they knew he was leaving, cuse he told her that he wouldnt need her anymore.

    They also stole a big golden necklace with a cross. And the ladys father still lives by his house he have a spider tatto on is neck.

    they are young, probably like you said they must were a lot of jeans and tenis shoes.

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