AstraAngel - Urgent Help Required With Son Please

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    You did a reading for me on another issue which I found really helpful and once again need your valuable insight this time regarding my son, Sam please.

    Sam is 16 (d.o.b. 20/01/1995), quite introverted, hardly ever goes out, only to college (was hoping college would bring him out of himself a bit but it hasn't) and over this past week he has hardly been eating. If I ask he doesn't want anything or if I simply cook a meal he barely touches it. I have tried ignoring it hoping he'll just come round if its a phase and asked him if there is anything wrong but he simply shrugs his shoulders.

    Could you please do a reading for him.

    Many thanks in advance

  • Hi scorpiosuz

    I think I see what is going on... I'll run it by you and then you pray over it and see what God tells you.

    I ended up with 9 cards, in kind of a cross pattern... see my sketch

    I see this as a picture of his father on the left, and you on his right. He is right in the middle, the ACE of Pentacles.

    Above him is the MOON, he has deep emotional needs he is trying to find, discover, and as he is a materially focused person right now, he is instinctively pulling away from food in order to discover his emotions. Kind of like a fast I think.

    On the left

    Ten of Swords - he is tapped out intellectually, school and his upbringing (and our culture hammering away at him, succeed! Achieve! Get a good education!) - he loves material though, and with that moon over him he is struggling to find the connection between material that he loves, and his emotional self which is still a mystery to him

    The Three of Wands - his education and upbringing very focused on making the right choices in life

    The Hierophant sits between him and these two cards - so there was a strong masculine influence pointing him toward making the smart choices... which he wanted to find out for himself... this Pope figure stands between him and making his own choices.

    ************On his right ************

    YOU as his mother... the EMPRESS... you are very nurturing toward him, so compassionate. I think he feels a little smothered though at this point in his life. You are sitting between him and the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Wands... which represent the feminine aspect of his life, his longing for companionship factors in here.

    Below him

    The knight of Wands - this is his understanding of himself at this stage. He wants to be moving toward that feminine side of life, this is extremely strong. He sees you though, and he is trying to see past you, and toward his companion (which is to come).

    I will give it to you as I see it.... you can pick and choose as the Holy Spirit guides you...

    He has felt sheltered and is trying to find himself right now. Do not be concerned he will be fine, and this is a journey he has to make on his on. Your efforts to attend to him, nurture him are really not what he needs right now. He needs you to let him be, that will show him that you understand what he is going through and will actually nurture him in hidden ways.

    So, as regards the food thing... stop trying to fix him meals. This only compounds this nurturing mother role which he is trying to move past... here is what you do... go to the store today and find foods, vegetables and make up bowls or whatever and simply leave some variety of food in the fridge. And then tell him, that you are simply going to let him choose to eat or not as he pleases... tell him there is food in the fridge that he can help himself to whenever he likes. This will calm down the whole mother-nurture thing and give him the autonomy that he needs in material (food). He is trying to communicate with you through this in the hopes you will "get it" and give him his freedom.

    That is really what this young man needs right now, freedom. To choose as he pleases and make his own choices.

    I have the sense that the father figure was very strong and somewhat overbearing? The education and all of that ("success, son... that's what its all about!"), he has struggled to comprehend.

  • Opps, I hit the publish button... anyway to sum up, he needs his space...

    the other thing I saw was that he may be wanting or needing to find something artistic to devote himself to in order to work his way toward accepting himself as a material spiritual being. (man). AND he needs exposure to females. He is longing for a girlfriend... someone... to connect with, and with who he can relax and pour his heart out to. I believe she will soon be entering his life, perhaps two (the Q of Cups and the Q of Wands). These two women will be a profound influence on his life.

    So, are you doing anything creative scorpsuz? He might benefit from seeing you engaged in creative activity... anything ... painting.. scrapbooking.. stamp collecting... something creative on the material level.. and with some of your girlfriends! Have a few of your friends over once in a while, and let him be exposed to that female creative energy in some way. Maybe even a Tarot-Bible study or something? I am grasping at straws here... and simply let him watch as he pleases... this will help channel some of that MOON energy into his environment that he needs.

    Buy a picture of a MOON rise from a poster shop somewhere, TWO of them and hang those in your home somewhere, that will minister to him. I would focus on these peripheral influences and let that reach him... he will love that... and whoever that father figure is needs to calm down a little too.... not sure he is around.. anyway, the focus now is on his heart and letting him find his way on his own.

    His own place would be good to, not sure he/you can afford that... he needs some separation.

    So there you go scorpiosuz! Hope that helps... oh, and most importantly, here is a scripture for you to hold to your heart and trust in... for you from the Lord...

    Psalms 35:9

    "Oh taste and see that the Lord is sweet, blessed is the man (your son) that hopes in him"

    Bottom line, your son is searching for God, the feminine aspect. I would mediate on that verse and SEE your son finding his way, his answers and falling in love with heaven (the Moon).

    He likes broccoli, make sure that is in the fridge.

    Bless you scorpio suz, you are a wonderful mother... i hope this helps...

    love and peace,


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you for your wonderful insight, I will take your advice and let him be with the food thing, your right about the father figure he is not around and was very overbearing on the education front and still tries to interfere from afar, but my son doesn't let him in to his world at all, so I think I am blessed that I am allowed in as much as I am.

    Could I ask another favour I wonder?

    I have just had really devasting news - I had been trying to sell my house for nearly two years, managed to get a first time buyer in June/July of this year and found a house to move into which was empty so should of been straight forward. However there were legal implications with the house I was buying which I was not orginally aware at the start and because of the length of time its been taking to sort out and his solicitors being so slow my buyer has now decided to pull out even though we were so close to completing.

    Can you see the best way forward from this point, as I see me being stuck now in this house that I have come to hate with neighbours who are arrogant and ignorant - should I put it back on the market?

    My d.o.b. is 03/11/1971

    Many thanks


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