AstraAngel could I have a reading, too

  • My old flame reconnected with me after 30 some years. He thought I was dead. It was an emotional connection. I felt the sincerity we both had for each other and continued for a year of writing. But now on hold. What now? Where to from here for both of us? Thank you.

  • Hey Tellstar

    I like your name, reminds me of a satellite...

    After 30 years, that is amazing. Now on hold huh? Hmm... let's look under the hood and see what the problem is...

    The Fool - well whatever is going on has not changed his feelings about you. He is the fool, he is swept along in his passion for you. The emotional connection is still strong... what is the hold up angels?

    Seven of Cups - he is trying to make up his mind about something related to love and you. My guess is he is wanting to "kick things up a notch" and this has caused him to pull away while he sorts matters out in his own heart. This is actually a good sign to me, the relationship is wanting to go in a deeper direction is all.

    Knight of Pentacles - he is thinking about something materially related that he wants to do with you, like settle down.

    a home.

    Strength - he is biting his tongue though... this is hard for him, he really wants to keep things going with you, he knows that by doing so he is heading for something substantial with you, So he is in a place of restraint and a holding pattern while he sorts it out. Meanwhile the emotional connection remains and it is strong.

    Two of Cups - YES! there it is, he is head over heals in love and wants to be with you permanently and is ready to move forward. He is nervous that you may not want that, and he does not want to do anything to upset the friendship, the emotional connection is very beautiful to him 🙂

    Page of Wands - expect a message from him shortly

    that is what i got, not worries he is thinking about a future and wants all his ducks in a row when he picks back up with you. The next time he texts or emails or whatever, drop the word WHITE in the conversation a couple of time, that will be a signal to him that you are ready to move deeper.

    the Question is... are YOU ready to move deeper?

    love, astra

  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for your reading. I am quite relieved, and yes worried at the same time. I don't want to be in the way of his decision making as it is truly tough for him, apparently in an unhappy marriage. I keep a distance and only respond when he writes. We knew each other form teen yrs. and passionate about our beliefs as activists. He was more sure of me than I of him, or so he thought. I was madly attracted to him too then but too young to know what to do. Then my family sent me very far and there was no chance to say goodbye to friends. They all thought I died. It was too dangerous for me to return. I never had fulfilling relationship since. i always backed off as it didn't seem right. I love this guy without question. My hesitation relates to his obligation. I don't want to hurt anyone. It looks, however, that his relationship there was dead, perhaps, long before he found me. Still ending the other is his sole decision. As for me, I think I will be ready when he's ready. So, that is my answer to your last question. Thanks again.

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