Keep calm and protest

  • I stopped posting in this forum a while ago. There’s more in life than myself and my Ego and my emotional or existential or financial problems while my homeworld is destroyed by the day. Some out there believe that just by praying and meditating they’re going to change this world or escape it . Never happened. Not by just prayers, sorry. Mahatma taught us the almighty British Empire could be brought to it’s knees without an armed conflict, just people who truly believed they could make a difference.

    It happens as we speak, a wake up-call is rushing through this world. Just let meditations aside for a minute and look out the window. There are protestors fighting for their children’s right for a better world. Their motto is : “keep calm and protest”

    I am not saying praying is wrong but it’s just half the job. A true warrior will fight in every aspect of this existence, every dimension as some like to call it, material and spiritual. I’m not talking about violence as history teaches us that it will only bring more violence. I’m talking about stop being indifferent. With our every thought, every word we speak, every concept we teach our children, every cent we can afford to donate to organizations that fight for our Mother Earth we become active citizens of Planet Earth, the home given to us by Spirit.

    Faith in a Higher Power is correct only if it’s coupled with faith in ourselves. When people have Faith in their significance to change this world anything can happen. A single drop of water is insignificant indeed. But some form a ripple on the water. Even more create a wave. And many more create a tsunami no one can stop. The snowball effect. A wave of change comes, a new Renaissance, first in ourselves and then the world. We can change both, as long as we have this invincible Force inside us. Faith. In Spirit, in ourselves ourselves and the better world we can all help manifest 🙂

  • I am sorry you stopped posting here. You have some wise insight. Yes protesting can be good sometimes but the start of any protest, change from a person has to start within ones self. One has to meditate or pray for the courage, strength and wisdom in order to start to believe that it is possible also I think one should have some sort of plan & reasoning before they go out & protest. example the people who are protesting wall street do they really know what they want? are some being paid to be their? are they offering solutions to problems? it is endless.

    anyways I am glad you posted 🙂

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