How will I know?

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    I've had a few failed relationships. I've been told by a few psychics that I will meet someone and have a serious relationship by the end of this year. Men approach me all the time and shortly after getting to know them, I find out they are married, engaged, or just simply showing me that their words and actions don't match. If there is a good man in my near future, can you tell me what he will be like and when to expect him so that I know its him? A description would be nice too. Thanks sooo much in advance.



  • You shouldn't have these problems with married men, you haven't even hit 30 yet lol, where are you finding these guys!? Slowww youurr roollll 🙂 Good luck!

  • Thanks...I posted my question in the Psychic forum.

  • Leamya, whats your sign, how old are you and where do you live...Single Male Scorpio....oh yeah, pictures first !!

    Seriously, you dont need a psychic my dear, just better questions and stop falling so fast....hire a freakin private glad you have guys asking you all the must either attractive or easy....lets hope its not the need to date someone slowly...and learn more about them as you go...their job, home, family, likes dis-likes should have your own list with a DO's and DONT'S column...check each one off...and let me give you a hint...if the DONTS are more than the DO'S...thats a NO.....that means dont date him....I would also chill out and slow sound needy...this will get you in guess, youre attractive and all starts out ok...but then, you sink your claws into a man...what do you think would happen...please understand this and I'm no trying to be rude...but there is soo much MUFFIN out there that has no strings start getting needy, pulling him in, no womans personal sweetness will keep him...because the personal sweetness is ALL want to keep a man....lay off the claws....find your worth...your heart, kindness, intelligence, use these things that seperate one woman from the other.....

  • Definitely not easy, I can count on one hand the amount of people I have been with and still have fingers left over....and I never said that I chase men down and they end up running not the case. I am usually the one to call it quits as soon as I see the things I mentioned. Not sure how everyone here got the impression that I move too fast...

  • Hi Leahmya

    You said above that men approach you all the time and after getting to know them. They are either married, engaged or their actions dont match their words. What sign are you? Thats why I assumed you moved fast. I'm sorry, I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. Leahmya, I wouldn't waste time on a psychic. If you do, you my overlook the right guy. Explain whats wrong and what youre doing. Explain how you feel when you meet a guy and you feel that you want to pursuit. Where do you meet these guys, online, clubs, bars, parties etc....what hobbys and other things are you old are you..these things are important to get an idea of where you are. Why are afraid of being walked out on. What in your past makes you think, men walk all over you.

  • I'm an Aquarius 27 years old. And I do get approached by men quite a bit in random places like Wal-mart, while pumping gas in my car etc...I'm okay with your response, the only thing that was kinda offensive was the part about me possibly being easy and needy. Nothing means more to me than having my space, independence, and freedom. I never mentioned intercourse in my original post because I don't sleep with everyone that I'm trying to get to know.

  • Hi Leahmya, ok, I get it. I apologize, ok? I was married to an Aquarius, and together 12 years. So far, my one and only true love. She understood me very well,but I needed more emotionally. I know all about your independence, whci I really liked, I never worried about her going off somewhere or looking at other men. I understand that you dont sleep around. Then what are you worried about? If guys come up to you at Wal-mart, which by the way is how I met this Cancer 2 weeks ago, I went up to her at Wally world, and if guys come up to you while pumping gas, that tells me you have something that a guy wants, looks !! But alot of men who are married (not me) will do this. But married guys are online all the time trying to cheat and get laid. This happens all the time, so whats the matter. Youre 27, are you in some kind of rush, is your biological clock alarm going off?

    Maybe you need a better plan when dating. Take time to find out about people. If you meet a guy you like, make sure he's available like through text, or calling. Schedule iregular date nights and see if something isnt right. Me, I'm really single, so when I meet someone, I tell her that she can call me anyting, day and night, late at night if she wants. That usually says, there is no one there. I dont like dating more than one girl at a time because it gets confusing. But when you date, you will have to compete until its exclusive. So go ahead and date and have fun, you will know the one who sticks around and is consistent. You do like consistency, walks, and fun simple things but not with a crowd. The guy you meet who likes the same things, will be the guy for you. Maybe you're so beautiful you're intimidating, I dont know. But beauty attracts the weirdos. You have to get better at it. But, a guy who does come up to you because he got the nerve up, may be the one. You never know.

  • That's raise some valid points 🙂

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