My advice for single women

  • Hanging in there. 😄 Working things through. Slowly. I am happy with that.

    And as far as intimate separation? Not so deep for us Taureans other than we just like to mix things up! 😉 At least for me anyway.

  • Cancerman,

    a lil bit of male hormones huh??? lol funny! Well my Cancer moon makes sure I'm balanced and can love easily as well. 😉

  • @Cancerman

    ("think female Taureans and Aqua's have some male hormones in their genetic makeup lol! ") Posted by Cancerman

    LOL! This may be accurate. I know as a Taurus woman, I can scrub floors, get dirty, do some hard labor...a few hours later...I will show up at an event, looking impeccable, classy, and extremely feminine. Smelling of soft perfume, and body lotion. Enough to put Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O to shame! The onlookers will be completely clueless...

    "There is no way this classy woman was doing hard labor a few hours ago!"

    Taurus women, we're extremely complex...and can be a bundle of suprises.

    You will never learn everything about a Taurus woman in one day.

    Remember with us, ...blame it on our stubborn's all or nothing. Take us as we are....or simply leave us alone...

  • @TruePhoenix-

    The Solution.....?

    Try outdoor activities. Taurus women have a particular fondness for nature, if not gardening, try horseback riding, mountain climbing, and etc.

  • TaurusFemmefatale!! So true!! I can do the exact same thing!! Hard labor does not scare me at all!! Then like you, I can put on a new hat in a matter of minutes!! 😉

    Taurean women are very, very fun!!!

  • I guess been a Arian, we bit more complex..

    I've been able to do the no commitment fun and its just that, but also if feel attraction to someone, can read more into it than it really is, be blind sighted because of romantic hopes.

    I've learnt I need to be sure of what I want, so I dont get hurt and tangled up in a emotional mess.

  • Scully, that is excellent insight. It is. There is nothing wrong with a pure sexual relationship. There isn't. But most often than not, some one gets feelings. They do. Yet, friendships...friendships and real and deep friendships are the key to every relationship that exists.

  • I know for me, I can be all about sex. Or I can be all about the "relationship". When I was younger, before my marriage, I actually had 2 guy friends that it was simply and solely about sex. It was very freeing. I will never be able to fully explain it. But sometimes, pure, raw sexual need wins.

    There was a time in my life when I could not do an emotional relationship, yet, sex was always needed. Some may call that persona a w.h.o.r.e. That is fine if they want to do that. But, when I was young, I knew what I needed and I knew what I could not do.

    Fortunately, I had 2 friends that understood that. Hey, they were guys.....:D Need I say more???

  • Tauurus

    You dont not at all i get you totally.

    I've always have male friends a s friends more than female..

    im the type get on with guys more than females..

    Good real friendships take time,

    I thought my tureen could have been the exception to the rule. for a while he was.. but there you go he wasn't honest about his material status.. never lie to a Arian.. we get our own back.. i did just that..

  • I am so sorry Scully. I am. Honesty is hard, but the most vital part of a relationship.....

  • Its ok.. big part of that has gone in last few days.. something i do accentually feel i get the guy.. but he lied ,, bad move

    Its in life experience

    Sorry i interrupted your topic.

    Hows it going?

  • You did not interrupt anything...I have no clue how it is going!! lol I am just going with the flow as best as I can........

  • Taurus7:

    Because free *** is shoned in society, it is easy to feel like you are doing the wrong thing as far as having phyisical needs. I completely agree that you have to know where you are in life, and what you truely need and don't need.

  • Free sex was once shunned in people's eyes, of course some still do. But why?? Why is it anyone's business how others conduct their sex lives as long as laws are not being broken/

    I think more harm comes from those people that pretend sexual needs should not be recognized or talked about. So many people in the USA act as if enjoying sex is a crime. I don't get it.

  • Interesting topic guys... I laughed as I read some of your responses.

    The only time I got to learn to separate *** and a relationship was when my ex boyfriend broke up with me. I didn’t want to let him go and we decided to be friends with benefits. The only downfall was that I went into the *** arrangement with emotions and he didn't. After a while I realised how messy this was turning out and I died slowly inside and found myself comfortable with the whole friends with benefits thing. I got to a point were I actited like most guys, have a hot steamy night and not pick up your phone calls the next morning simply because it was all about ***, nothing more.

    I recently met someone who I fell hopelessly inlove with and actually the relationship did not work out. I am at a point were I have had my fair share of fun, now I need something solid. Holding back *** seems to be a great idea. Thanks for the advice @ Cancerman.

  • Taurus7:

    I'm not sure why people look at it as a negative experience either. The combonation of religion and modesty has probably played a big part.

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