Livingonaprayer-need help to find stuff urgent

  • Hi i have a friend that was robbed they stole everything from he house except the appliances that belong to the house like microwave stayed (weird) even his monster drinks they took im saying they cuse he had a big tv that 2 persons were needed to carry it out of the house, 11 pairs of sneakers, a bluray and the most important thing his computer we need to find it before he goes away. now he doesnt trust anyone and just want to leave the island he thinks this was some kind of revenge against him. i so want to help him, cuse today i felt he doesnt trust me either, it sucks 😞


  • Hi Vaniav,

    I feel it was someone he knows , they were watching his comings and goings . Im sorry im not sure what a monster drink is but im getting dejavu when i am reading your post ,i feel this has happened to him once before is this right ? Does he go to colledge i get a strong feel that these people attend the same collegde .

  • Monster drink are like redbull its the only thing he drinks he had 3 cases, anyway his an american militar,y station in my island he is bout to leave in Nov., and his a firefighter. As far as I know nothing like this happend before but once he almost caught someone steeling his gas botles and they are big but he doesnt know who was it. can u try to see a house or street, it cuse while was hapenning i dreamed with someone moving is tv but couldnt see who was it,my dreams are not so clear and the monday morning i woke up feeling so upset,worried with him i knew that something had happend and bam he was stolen during that sunday night this was a week ago.

  • by the way if it helps he leaves by the ocean by a fishermans bar

  • HI Vaniav ,

    Im sorry im not picking up on anything , i think you should ask The Captain she is very good at locating lost objects . Im sorry i couldnt help you .

    Love, and light Loap:)

  • tanks love. but if anything crosses your mind please tell me. Blessings

  • ok no worries i will

    sorry once again

    Love and light Loap:)

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