Scorpio would love a birthday reading!! :)

  • I have not been on for awhile, my dob is 11/01/62, I am about ready to change jobs but the old one does not know about the new one (sales, must keep on the downlow) the old job I got a boyfriend a job 6/09/83 of whom I will be leaving professionally and personally and this is causing a great deal of havoc and to compound matters he has made friends with my old boyfriend (capricorn, not sure of his dob) from 13 years ago and the younger one knows about the older one, but not so sure the older one knows about the younger one??. Now if I stay on and suffer I will stand to make several thousand dollars but these two have been semi tormenting me (or scorpio paranoia) and now my boss wants to meet with me on monday morning and he is a severe Taurus!!

    Enough drama??? Please I am at home alone agonizing over this! My new job involves a long drive to a new area and I am nervous!

  • Forget it!

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